Thursday, September 24, 2009

Online Housie.

Another very random conversation with Mo, has led to this very interesting question which I would like to convert into a tag.

If this blog was a house, what would it be like?

Hint: I told Mo's that hers would be a sleek condo, all minimalist, black and white, granite and leather. I think mine would be a messy, scatty house. What is your blog house like? What do you think mine is?

P.S. Two posts in a day? I am rocking or what?


Shachii said...

Rocking? Maybe.. but you have WAAAAYY too much time!
Will tell you about my blog house later...

Cynic in Wonderland said...

shachii - i have wayyyyyy to much ability to procrastinate until i have client breathing down my neck :D. blame it on advertising genes.

popsie said...

Interesting thought. Mine would be a green blog house! Yours is rather colourful. :-)

Keep blogging, visit both my blogs often and rock on! ;-)

Satish Bhat said...

Urs is like Bertie Wooster's apartment-never a dull moment here with wacky posts, alongside Jeeves-like thoughts coughing politely in the background to anchor it!

Mine would be a house along the beach...look @the waves and think,think,think.

mentalie said...

i think your blogouse is a pretty cosy place. all lamps and cushions and - for some reason - pot pourrie.

i think mine'd be a padded cell.

AmitL said...

Interesting tag-let me think now-might answer in detail in a post,but,right now,I associate my blog with 'comedy circus',one of my favourite TV shows which makes everyone laugh.:)
I don't think ur blog would be a messy scatty house-rather,it'd be a KrackJack(biscuit)-guess why?:)

sunshin3girl said...

Mine would be vivacious but confused, with every room styled in a totally disconnected theme.

Yours would not be messy, IMO. It should be neat with just the right amount of color and a lot of fun things going around.

narendra shenoy said...

Totally agree with Sathish! Bertie Wooster with Jeeves to take care of the housekeeping every now and then

shub said...

I like those who referenced Wooster. Lotsa silver cow creamers in the house, perhaps? :P

Meira said...

Mine? Bright and a riot of colors, bean bags and cushions. All bohemian with a good antique Bar standing out amongst the others. Books and games strewn here n there. And french windows that open out to the beach :)

Yours? A posh apartment with a tasteful decor, everything neat and clean. A library with leather bound books :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

popsie - yes, i would say yours is green too.dont know why i would say that tho.

satish *sniffs* thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I am flattered and floored. Your's would be very compact house for some reason.

mentalie - pot pourri and cushions,really? i never buy those in real life even. i have cushions, but ifthe MIL is not at home, i dump em on the floor - they jab so. and am completely clueless about pot pourri. Wonder where that one came from.

your's would be definitely a funky studio apartment ( you can have a padded room for pappu singh with aishwarya pillows if you want). with a nice bar, low roof and laidback atmosphere.

amitl - my schizophrenic personality? ahem.

sunshin girl - yes, yours vivacious for sure. lots of flowers, lots of sunlight.

naren - you know, its interesting that by blogkeeping is aligned to a bachelor. hmmmm. wonder if there is anything in that. your's would be what? Comfortable house for sure, duplex, jolly - open house, lotsa people?

shub- shush. i only steal pens. ANSWER THE TAG.

meira - your's is about right yes. would think colour, bean bags.

mine - posh? wow! leatherbound books? zowie!

Lazy Pineapple said...

Cynic: Your Blog is like a fun house with those funny mirrors :) never a dull moment and lots of laughs too...

AmitL said...

LOL-u think I'd call ur personality schizo?Perish the Krackjack,I refer to it's original catch line' World's first sweet n salty biscuit'..not to mention that I quite like the biscuit,even today..haha!:)
BTW,I'm commenting on the dreams post now-see why,in the comment.

AmitL said...

Err,to explain more,I googled to see if I could get the full ad:It goes:
"Krackjack - The original sweet and salty biscuit is one of the most loved biscuits in the country.
It’s not just a biscuit, it’s the taste of relationships captured in a biscuit.
A little sweet and a little salty crafted in such a delicate and delicious balance, you can never get enough of it. Have it anytime you like with anything you like."
(Just replace the word 'biscuit' with 'blog')

tgfi said...

Hmm this is a really cool idea. I think C in W's blog house would be bright, sunny, with really functional, practical minimal-istic furniture-but very comfortable..and lots of visitors in the house all the time..

my blog house would be..i think there would be two rooms- one dark introspective room and another drunk room. :) and a well-stocked fridge and bar.

Janefield said...

interesting dilemma about my blog house...its been an abandoned cave for a long while, just dusting the cobwebs off now!! have opened one window and basking in the sunshine coming in! :-)

Thanatos said...

Your blog house would have lots of food. This has nothing to do with the fact that I'm starving right now.

Mine would overflow with liquor. We should be neighbors?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Lazy pineapple - circus eh? sigh.

amitl - hehe thats rather sweet. thank you muchly.

tgfi - do the tag no. whats the point of making up a tag if no one does it eh? looks like lots of us have this jekyl and hide blogs no?

janefield - i shall investigate!

thanatos - we should indeed. provided you cook. i can buy the groceries. uhm. maybe not - we need to get ??! as a neighbour actually.