Friday, May 7, 2010

The belated sixth blogversary post is as good time as any... introduce a new member into the fishbowl. Please to welcome Hero Junior, or MiniCyn who arrived a mite earlier that anticipated, on the 23rd of March. Which might explain why I have been under the radar these days with no posts/comments eh?

I probably will be a bit slow with the posts for a while more. Sleep deprivation is a part of it, and I also seem to be suffering from a self image schism or schizophrenia or sch-something which I am desperately trying to resolve. My self-perception is that of an advertising professional in Bombay, but the evidence (and dirty diapers) seems to suggest otherwise. Hmmm.

And to get used to (Okay, the momster bloggers might crucify me for this)the fact that the kid is er... around ( I forget sometimes ,when he is asleep. I also occasionally forget that I am married and get a “ Woah, when did that happen” moment) AND related to me. I can go up to “This is my..” and then my brain synapses short-circuit and shut down if I try to complete that equation. (Chronic ostrich syndrome, huh?)

Also, since I have been under house arrest for the last few weeks, nothing much to report, unless my dear readers want to hear tales of gore and grit (That is the threat I have been using on hero senior for the last month. Damn effective it is too!). Maybe not. But I WILL write a post on the labour of the waiting room (S’s – not mine) and the hooker who moonlights (Sunlights?) as a nurse (yes, I am a weird person magnet.)

So happy belated blogversary ( six years I have finished aiyo!) and belated birthday to the hero as well

P.S. Why haven’t I got a flood of questions and concern wondering where I am eh? I am very offended.

P.P.S. Suggestions for an appellation for the babe? Minicyn sounds like a cough medicine. Also a name – since we are still struggling to find one.

P.P.P.S Also pliss to go easy with the M-word. Panic happens.I know, I know, my mother has already scathingly asked me "What do you want him to call you? Didi?". I did mention my change phobia..?

P.P.P.P.S I need therapy.

P.P.P.P.P.S. He is pretty interesting though, I was told that when he first saw S, he looked him over and then poked out his tongue. Sterling common sense I say.