Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why kids under 10 should come with a mute button

So minicyn is a not so mini and a very garrulous 4 yo right now. Thus, we have some scintillating sessions such as this one a few months ago. 

Fancy french type restaurant - you know, the ones,with those twisty dinner rolls and dressy decor. 

Junior, bored of sitting around decides to circumbulate the restaurant. Just happens to cross a sophisticated middle aged lady who might be having some erm...digestive issues. 
Comes back to our table, and in clear, carrying tones asks "Mamma, why is that aunty ( pointing at the offending lady) doing potty in the restaurant?"

HNY and all that from this side of 2015

One of the new year resolutions is to restart writing - so let me start with New Year wishes to any reader who still visits the page. Let me also fall at your feet in gratitude for still visiting the page.

Happy New Year folks. Hope its the best yet.