Friday, September 11, 2009

Right to Information

The following queries appeared on S's intra-office informal site the other day - authored by a young gentleman in all earnestness.

1. Do you have to register somewhere before you can start a live-in relationship?
2. How long can you live-in together before it becomes illegal?

So ladies and gentlemen, what are your answers?

P.S. I think I am in crush. Anyone who has posts stuff like this on the office intranet is definitely crushworthy.


gauri said...

LOL. This is so callow, it's almost cute :) But won't they first have to go through that thick manual to make sure that it does indeed qualify as a live-in relationship? Do they meet all requirements? And did they get the documents (Scarlet card, Pre-cohab agreement, Affidavit of temporary non-commitment etc.) in place? Why don't they just get married for now, so much easier? If things work out, they could always live in. :P


narendra shenoy said...

LOL! And LOL @ Gauri's comment! Affidavit of temporary non-commitment!

I think it's a golden opportunity to convice the young lad that an advertisement to this effect is required in atleast two major national dailies

Amey said...

Putting this on intra-office site (informal or otherwise)? Talk about TMI.

AmitL said...

Only the Supreme Court can tell.:)
What else is the News,Cyn?(hehe..can't resist that after reading the previous post which had me grinning away)

mentalie said...

psst, you might want to warn the young lover about the possibility of getting temporarily knocked up ;p

Cynic in Wonderland said...

G- isnt it? There is naive and then there is this. Scarlet Card rocks! Wonder what would be the equivalent for marriage ?

Naren - Well, I had said online newspapers and facebook. The husband is being very unsporting and not posting any of the suggestions. bah

amey - hehehe isnt it? apparently this bloke is famous for that - goes one month on a cruise mode, and then implodes.

ah amit, didnt you see the shrap warning at the end? tsk tsk.

mentalie - hehe i did.

Meira said...

Dear young man,
1. Registration? yes. Required at all your friends' places where you might need to spend the nights when your live-in partner's parents are over for a visit.

2. You can live in without it becoming illegal till the time you get married. To someone OTHER than the live in partner. And when your spouse is unaware of the arrangement.

Keep posting such questions on the intranet. These might make my days at work merrier!

numerounity said...

Cute and definitely crushworthy!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Meira - i know, i dont know why my workplace didnt have people like this!!

anon - isnt it? :)