Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream Girl Kisi Shayar ki Ghazal (or Oh-hell-cant-I-write-a-random-post-instead-of-working?)

I had a rather vague dream yesterday - about Muslim fundamentalists’ (of all things). I am going in a car with Ma somewhere, and suddenly some very violent, virulent ladies start pelting us with rocks. One of these rocks hit’s Ma’s head, she starts bleeding, and acting very disoriented. So for most of the dream (or what I remember of it), I am trying to lob back some rocks (and doing so quite accurately), worrying about whether Ma has concussion and wondering how to get out of the situation. Somewhere along the lines, it morphs into a train scene then a dhobi seems to feature in it and some cops eating paan. Mind you, all of this happening to the background music of Salaam-e-ishq.

On a scale of weirdness, I would probably have given this 3.5 or so.

Well, I HAVE dreamt of dolphins speaking fluent, mellifluous Bengali after all – that’s a tough act to follow. Something about an office picnic on a beach and dolphin gets washed up ashore, and starts babbling. The admin fellow, in the manner of admin-fellows, tries to locate Bengali colleague to do the needful. This dolphin then proceeds to turn to a VERY ugly man in a wet white-kurta-pyjama.

Then there was the time, I dreamt of Prince William impregnating some chick and ending up in a UK tabloid (Mind you I hadn’t thought of the princes for years. No reason to no?) . For some reason, there is a vociferous discussion about hairstyles happening with William, and this again, has the background score from Neil and Nikki. (A movie which of course I hadn’t watched – I mean Uday Chopra? And had bombed miserably some two or three years before this dream happened).

Frankly, I LOVE my dreams. I have a much more rollicking time in them than I ever have had in real life. And it’s all Technicolor, there is usually background music in it (even if it is etcetera music) and there is normally lot of action and excitement in it.

Whether it is the time a couple of friends and I am smuggling doped-out-bodies ala jaane-bhi-do-yaaro and being chased around town by my friend’s octogenarian family-retainer-named-ajibai. Or watching completely coherent sequels to Fight Club. Or cowering somewhere because of Alien invasions, wearing a silver plated miniaturized chip on our necks for protection. Or running away from two-inch crocodiles (on a leash) that are hell bent on eating my big toe nail. Or watching a vague cousin-in-law turn into a cannibal in freezing Minnesota, who is ... okay, I will spare the details, certainly not suitable for the weak stomached.

Incidentally, I am so BRIGHT in these dreams it’s amazing. I solve complicated quantum physics problems, concoct delectable recipes, read engrossing sequels to books, watch very logical sequels to movies, and am generally so multitalented that I generally give the waking avatar , a massive inferiority complex.

The curious thing is that there is usually no, (or at best) a very tenuous link to what is happening in my life at that moment. I was reading about Wakf yesterday – so might explain the Muslim bit. But seriously, where does the dhobi come into the picture?
Most of the times I am left racking my brains wondering what on earth could have set it off. I wonder what Freud uncle would have made out of these. Hmmm.

P.S. I have forgotten a vast number of them, so the new resolution is to post them for posterity.
P.P.S Also this way I get to shirk working on things which should have been dispatched one hour ago. Sigh


Shachii said...

Get back to work, Cyn!

manuscrypts said...

Dhobi must be to prevent you from washing dirty linen in public, while recounting these erm, dreams :]

PS. You smoke before dinner, or after? :p

narendra shenoy said...

LOL @ manuscrypts!. Well, guy dreams are usually far less variable.

mentalie said...

lady i thought i had interesting dreams until i read yours :D you do know that freud has an in depth analysis of the dhobi as recurring motif in indian women's dreams, don't you? i must warn you, it ain't pretty...

Vijay said...

A bong dolphin? That is HILARIOUS !!!

Meira said...

As one who never remembers her dreams, I am impressed, very impressed. And now I hope mine are equally interesting. Maybe they are not, that is why they shy away from the real me :O

Toon India said... the dolphin speaking Bengali..nice blog!!

D said...

LOL! Did you ever think of becoming a filmmaker?!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

shachii - I know, I know . Sigh

Young manu - this is stone cold sober. I shudder to think what would happen if i did smoke. Hmm. Maybe i would get rational dreams? Dirty linen? Hmpf. I dont have dirty linen. Mera jeevan safeed kagaaz.

@naren - ahem, yes, i would think so. food, food and more food no? :)

mentalie - pliss to post. we should compile a book called the misintepretation of dreams?

Vijay - I told ma, she didnt think it was funny. in fact she EYED me very funnily. Hmmm.

meira - oh you should. they are good fun.

toon india - thankee verr much.

D- hmm. actually no. though people have told me (quite nastily) that i should be in a different prof from what i am.

Arunima said...

:-) I have a lot of work today. hence, I am reading your blog.

AmitL said...

Believe me,Cyn,the first time I read the post,I was at work and couldn't smile too much,too surreptitiously. The second time,I was at home and grinning away and fell asleep,wondering if I'd see Gujju speaking dolphins in my dream(No such luck!Haha)
And,now I read it and ROFL-the fundamentalist part was a bit serious(maybe ur concern for family members coming to the fore)..but,then,from the dhobi(concern about Bai taking a day off next day,perhaps?). As for dolphins speaking Bengali of the mellifluous type-LOL-I wonder how u interpreted that?
Lastly ur comment'I am so bright in these dreams,it's amazing'-doesn't that tell u something?It's hi time u begin using ur imagination in real life!!:)Like writing a humourous article or two or three and sending them for publication.Think over it.And,"Keep those dreams coming".:)

cheb86 said...

[...generally give the waking avatar , a massive inferiority complex...] LOL LOL LOL :)