Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bored and the Beautiful

When uninspired, recycle from old blog and pretend it is for a good cause -viz. preservation of valuable literature for posterity. Hell. Its MY blog. I shall call it PRICELESS literature if i want to. Hmpf!(This is from Dec 05).

Do you have what it takes to be rich and famous? Go ahead and take this quiz to judge whether you are a member of the Association de la Loaded

Tick the answer you feel is closest to your heart

1. A long weekend coming up, you…
a. Travel to Turkey with your husband for a romantic weekend getaway
b. You wish you had money to send your husband to Turkey so that he could be out of your hair for the weekend
c. Turkey. Delicious. Definitely better than chicken!

2. You really need to look good for an office party. You take care of your skin by …
a. La Prairie Skin caviar is the only thing you would apply on your skin. But it’s a problem obtaining it locally! There are only five packs sold in the country at any given point of time. Oh, the cost? You don’t really remember, about a lakh, but a complete steal for the price.
b. You had saved for a year and buy a face cream for Rs.25, 000 but not for an office party – what the use, the COO wont be there to see you and anyways much better to just occasionally take it out and look at the pack.
c. How do you take care of your skin? Huh? Wash it what else?

3. You have a meeting at a prospective new clients office. You…
a. Chose the Louis Vuitton bag that matches the mood of the day. You must look upbeat when you meet new clients, so the tan bag you picked up in Paris should be good.
b. You have Hidedesign bags which you thought were quite hep, but had to hide them under the table when you saw A
c. Who the heck is Louis Vuitton? Always thought he was a gay rights activist. Bag? Well, one got wet in the rains and the other got stolen. So you really don’t have a choice do you?

4. Time is of crucial importance and you keep track of it by …
a. Your faithful Rado watch because its scratchproof and quite functional
b. You tell your friends that you were planning to buy Tommy Hillfiger watches but didn’t because he is racist.
c. Rado killed the video star

5. The coming Saturday you plan to go rustic. You….
a. Go that that quaint retro store in Jakarta where you had picked up that completely darling antique Fossil.
b. Lifestyle darling! All those suburbanites shop there nowadays.
c. Linking road zindabad.

Your score.
Mostly (a):
You are right up there in la-di-dah land. You have so much money you don’t know what to do with it. And well, if you are male, will you marry me? Yes, you are quite obnoxious I am sure, but I really, really want to quit working.

Mostly (b):
Well, who knows about the money, but you sure have the pretentiousness all sewed up darlings!

Mostly (c):

(All you uneducated plebeians, a Louis Vuitton basic functional key chain is about eight grand.)

This post was brought on by a surfeit of type (a) and (b) people in life right now. HELP!!!


Mumbai Diva said...

hmmm. i won't mind being (a) for some time. really.

fun post.

P said...

Wish I could be an (a) but am totally (c) :(
If you ever consider switching jobs, try academia..not many (a) or (b) types around...well actually there's no money to be (a) or (b) type, even if someone wants to :p

tgfi said...

academia poverty sucks - its like a (d) in your quiz.

Iya said...

now did i need this reality check early in the monring!! i am some where midway between b and c..bhaaa

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Mumbai diva - i wouldnt mind being a all the time. but thats not likley to happen anytime soon. so bitching about em is the next best thing no?

p - or as in my case, try advertising. so little money and so many spenders.

tgfi - yes, i suspect it is. i am d as well - tho not in academia

iya - old old post aiyo

Australopithecus said...

or...buy knock off louis vuitton bags (those sometimes look as good as the real thing)

but you may not be able to escape this in the academic world couple of profs of mine drive bmws . old bmws no doubt. but beemers all the same, on the other hand i have an 18 year old car..that leaks.

Satish Bhat said...

C all the way through ! Scrooge McDuck is me !

shub said...

You recycle posts, I will recycle comments. And not just mine. Hmph.

Meira said...

Wait. You were blogging in 05 too? Swell!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Austro - the bmws should give you hope child, that you might get one sooner or later too na?

Satish - godnose whether its scrooge or just bourgeois taste like mine or what it is.

shub - recycle no.hmpfs are scary

meira - er from april 2004. i am positively prehistoric in blogdom

Maddy said...

no way - you can't do turkey in 2 days, 2 years are needed..yup linkin rd is right and Casio would do better than that chunk of steel or porcelain called rado (but if u had said omega or rolex, it is another answer). handbags, i don't have the slightest clue why somebody would spend 5000$ for one of those funny bags..

Arunima said...

koyi toh mujhe group 'a' banawo. You get married, I'll be the mistress. :-)