Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wake up Cyn.

I normally don’t watch Karan Johar movies.

A few years ago, probably after K3G, I came to the conclusion that sugar-coated homilies which alternated with glycerine-histronishowers, are really not my fare of choice- I prefer something a little more pungent. So Karan Johar extravaganzas got relegated to the watch-the-version-on-cable-if-you-are-masochistically-inclined category of movies.

Yesterday however, I made an exception and went to watch “Wake up Sid”. Why?

Because I was in the mood for a movie and the choice was between – Wake up and Do Knot Disturb (KJo marginally beats the race – and well, one can at least be assured of some picturesque locales). And partly because the SIL’s husband had raved and gushed about the movie – and more specifically Bombay (Mind you, he might have spent all of twelve days in Bombay, he doesn’t know Hindi, and he has never stayed in India). So I thought it behoved me, as a dyed-in-the-wool Bombay snob (can one say the B-word??) to see what the fuss was all about.

Let me put a caveat now. The following is NOT a review – but is rather a random compilation of thoughts which were crossing my mind as I watched it. For those of you who don’t know, it is supposed to be the so-called coming-of-age movie. Bade baap ka bigda beta suddenly discovers his calling due to the love of a good (sic) woman blah blah blah.

Frankly, the movie left me cold.

I couldn’t bring myself to whip up much sympathy with the rather parasitic Sid or any empathy for his lack-of-focus, what I shall do with my life existentialistic angst unlike say, a Lakshya. In the latter, one actually relieves the same growing pains of cluelessness, lack of ambition or what have you. This what-next malaise was one which did plague my generation at least (not sure that its equally relevant to kids today who seem to be hugely goal-oriented.) Lakshya captured that beautifully – and the build up to the climax (replete with all the self-loathing and contempt) and the subsequent hope-affirming transition resonated with a lot of clueless folks. In Sid, this metamorphosis from the irresponsible lazy caterpillar to the butterfly is just far too glib.

I don’t think there was anything particularly wrong with Ranbir – but I thought that, to use a very apposite Konkani saying “he lacked a little salt”. It was mostly a pretty face, acting the role –NOT a good actor living the role. Could be inexperience, could be genes.

Konkona of course, I find hugely annoying in principle – so I can barely be a unbiased reviewer. ’Cept for looking old enough to be his aunt (see I am not saying Ma. Hmpf) , and coming across as quite a sanctimonious so-and-so. Also, after Luck by chance, Life in a Metro, Page 3 – isn’t she getting a tad predictable?

What did amuse me however was how quickly and conveniently both the protagonists discover a) their calling b) and get fame-glory-money in their calling without having to go through the pains and grind of us lesser mortals for people in the corporate world to even realize we exist (I KNOW it’s a movie – but seriously, the really pat way in which the whole thing was handled, trivialized almost, was amateur).

Having said all this, I really wouldn’t mind LIVING in a KJo movie- this fantastic dream-world, where life is all spun candy, and lucky breaks just happen, where chotu makes your morning tea , and the only work you really have to do is be in love.

Wake up!


??! said...

can one say the B-word??
It's always Bombay.

shub said...

"and the only work you really have to do is be in love. " Haha, so true. And of course, shed tears on cue and have straight shiny hair and flawless skin and wear only Manish Malhotra. Bah.

Thanatos said...

Won't Raj Thackeray's lackeys tear your blog down for not saying Mumbai?

Drenched said...

Personally, I like Karan Johar movies. They make me feel happy and optimistic. I mean, if a film maker can churn out such trash and still earn billions, I can get somewhere in life too, right? :P
And Wake Up Sid was Lakshya recycled with an ugly heroine and a hard-to-tolerate hero. To be honest, I just went for that movie for the beautiful Iktara song.

phatichar said...

I agree with your comment on Konkona..For once I'd like to see her in a role where she already has a job, has a boyfriend, has a ....well, a different role.

I watched 'WAS' summed it up well, I must say. Personally though, I'd still give it around 3 stars for being better than the other Kjo movies (I too like you, don't normally watch his movies - especially if he's the director.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

??! you know they had transperencies which apologized to the public for using the b-word before the start of the movie? terrible!

thanatos - i am hoping most of em are slightly tech challenged.

shub - THATS why i want to live in his movie no. sounds like so little actual work.

drenched - maybe you need to be in a proper state of mind to appreciate em. i dont think i ever am tho. hmmmm.

phatichar - that sex and the city image is palling a bit rather no?

narendra shenoy said...

I'm going to HAVE to watch this movie :( I so agree with you in re Kjo.

D said...

Can I just say I liked the movie and not be lynched? True, it's impractical but it's about possibilities. I like to watch people get opportunities and do things that I didn't get or couldn't do, even if they are fictitious people. The way Konkona sets up her house - I know it doesn't happen like that in the real world but it's not impossible, is it? People, a few rare specimen, do land up at their dream jobs just like that! I know some of them.

To me, it didn't feel like a KJo movie, to be honest.

Sanjay Uvach said...

I am game for being lynched for saying that I loved the movie . As for your characterization that you do not meet Sid like characters in real life,I can only say Wake -up. It is the Lakshya character that is wholly romantic & ideal(unreal). I cud easily relate to irreverence of the new generation who just take things for granted and are not prepared to work for it. Hatts off to KJo.

Anonymous said...

oh so rightly named as a cynic...who cant see the beauty around one self.... its unfortunate that you didnt like the movie cos you know what ....its hit with the masses.