Monday, May 28, 2012

And we come to marriage year 6

The hero goes for a swim with a newish colleague of his. Comes back all harassed and fraught..

"That dude told me his life story" he tells me, aghast. "And then he started telling me about what all he felt. In gory detail!

"FEELINGS. Jesus" - said with utmost loathing..

( Sidebar - after a few years of cohabitating with a male, have come to the following understanding.

Acceptable feelings - a) i'm FEELING hungry b) I'm FEELING sleepy c) I FEEL like uhmm.. passing various bodily functions which we shant get into in a family site.

Unacceptable feelings?Everything else.)

"Ugh" some dramatic shudders here "If I wanted to sit and listen to garbage about feelings - I might as well have sat at home and listened to yours"

Ah the romance of it kills me sometimes.