Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ciw has a Facebook page

So on the tenth anniversary year of my blog, I decided to commemorate by starting a Facebook page.

Gah, who am I kidding. The offline avatar page was getting too crowded. When parents second cousins in law start sending friend requests you know it's time to move on.

Also my mother reads my statuses and calls me for a post mortem on them. It's very stressful.

Anyways if I do have any readers left, I'd love to see you on that side.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Have a rather cryptic entry on my phone to-do list which states "get rid of body". 

Racked my brains but can't for the life of me remember whose body and where it has been hidden. Hmmm. 

I love auto correct. It edits my life to add so much drama into it.

P.S. Shamelessly recycling from elsewhere ( blog resuscitation measures pliss excuse)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Purani Genes

So, flashback to say 7-8 years ago. 

Cyn and Hero in the process of getting acquainted which involves some amount of smallish talk.

Cyn must have asked an innocuous "How was the day" to be met by a tirade about how that is such a lame question and how he finds females who ask such a question unoriginal and how he has devised a beautiful pithy reply to that viz."TOPS".

Cyn retires, much abashed.

Fast forward to now. 

Hero no 2  has just started nursery school (which happens to be the school which the Hero went to)

Hero (sentimental after looking at the tuck shop and the school diary) rushes home from office to eagerly ask the offspring "So how was school today?"

Hero no 2 laconically drawls  "Awright"

Hero's face? Priceless.

Genetics are very lovely (especially when they come back to the bite the spouse in the a**)

P.S. I am trying to get this up and running again and get into the flow of blogging. IS ANYONE READING DAMN IT?

Mere saamne wali khidki mein...

So we have recently got new neighbors upstairs and I have to admit I am a bit baffled by them. 

We have one of those houses where the their dining overlooks my balcony-which-the-builder-insists-is-terrace which is quite conducive to cosy neighborly chats. While I didn't quite hit that level of camaraderie with the earlier set, we used to occasionally do some casual talk and Junior and kid-from-upstairs would swap important toddler talk. 

This new lady however dives for cover behind every time I happen to stroll out. I can see the curtains twitching and the occasional furtive glance downwards but never, ever an acknowledgement that I am there. I tried the hello and smiling bit, to no avail. 

I used to think that it was my face which used to scare her away. But apparently she does the same with my mother AND mother in law. ( And no, we don't have a family feud or anything remotely interesting happening)

And If i do happen to bump into her in the foyer, she refuses to make eye contact and rushes away. 

But the most mysterious bit is that she seems to have struck a  friendship with the bai. Every other day I can hear them chatting outside. And all information which I have got so far ( such as the fact that she has recently had a baby boy) I have got second hand from the bai. 

Yesterday, Ma happened to be outside, so she asked her about the child and his name. Mrs Neighbour, directed all the answers to the bai and also issued a very friendly invitation ( to the bai, not to Ma) to attend the naming ceremony this coming Friday

We don't seem to make the cut however. Hmmm. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Of hair and there

So apparently in China there is a new trend to dissuade perverts and oglers.

Hot young things are queuing up to buy the latest fashion accessory-viz.Stockings which have hair on them.

For once I'm on the leading edge of couture. I also own a pair of stockings like that.

Only, I call it skin

P.s. trying this from phone, looking ok?

Monday, May 28, 2012

And we come to marriage year 6

The hero goes for a swim with a newish colleague of his. Comes back all harassed and fraught..

"That dude told me his life story" he tells me, aghast. "And then he started telling me about what all he felt. In gory detail!

"FEELINGS. Jesus" - said with utmost loathing..

( Sidebar - after a few years of cohabitating with a male, have come to the following understanding.

Acceptable feelings - a) i'm FEELING hungry b) I'm FEELING sleepy c) I FEEL like uhmm.. passing various bodily functions which we shant get into in a family site.

Unacceptable feelings?Everything else.)

"Ugh" some dramatic shudders here "If I wanted to sit and listen to garbage about feelings - I might as well have sat at home and listened to yours"

Ah the romance of it kills me sometimes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011