Monday, October 26, 2009

Horn OK Please*

After five and a half years of writing whatever drivel I chose too, I thought it was high time I got some feedback from my dear readers. So dear readers, I have introduced the star rating system for my posts - where you can throw bouquets and brickbats ( the former, for a choice. We drivel-writers have rather thin, vulnerable skin). Any super enthusiastic folks who want to go and rate the archived posts are also welcome ( No? Well, it was worth a shot)

I also just got an invite to be a Desi Pundit contributor - and as you can see, I am being very modest and NOT putting it all in block caps and NOT writing about doing the hula hula around the laptop after receiving the mail. A very, very big thank you to the Desi Pundit team - I am very excited.

And in this spirit of feedback, dear readers and dear lurkers, I would like to put in a question to you. Which would you consider the top 3/5/10/Heck-as-many-as-you-like-don't-stint posts, which you think should be made into DP ? Please comment with whichever titles, categories you remember. ( I have been struggling with choice. Also with the temptation of marking ALL 150 of them.So am taking the easy way out and passing the buck hyuk hyuk.).

* Wanted to wake you up you, dear lurking readers.


buddy said...

i think this blog is hilarious, keep up the good work!

Meira said...

err...ummm...ahhhh...all of them? They take multiple posts, right?

Epiphany said... bout letting us know which ones you are confused about and we'll pick from those eh? Please don't say "I like all of them equally" :P

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Yayy buddy - one delurker. Happiness.

Meira, and epiphany - dont pass the buck back to me aiyo. Name any. Please. Er. Ouch.

??! said...

I'm tempted to mark all the ones which describe your culinary "skills", but that would be too mean. Or would it?

Parul said...

congrats! So cool. Don't forget us after you are all famous DP types?

Mumbai Diva said...

yay, this is good. have fun shortlisting :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

??! Well it would be comforting to know that my writing attempts are better than my cooking ones no?( couldnt be worse hehe)

parul - and so says the true-blue-published-for-real-authoress. bah.

mumbai diva - the attempt was to get readers to shortlist. sigh. no one is :(

AmitL said...

haha..Cyn-congrats on being invited to DP..:)Let me see now-will check out some of the past posts and tell u.
But, some from the earlier ones are surely the Lizzie ones and the office fire one. Both rate at least a 4, acc to me.(Otherwise I wouldn't remember them, na?)

popsie said...

Congratulations Cyn on being invited to contribute on DP! Keep up the good work. Will scan through and try help you with a short list that could possibly go towards DP.

mim said...

definitely put all the "cooking " stuff -- that's when i discovered that you might be a soulmate