Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nothing official about it.

The hero seems to have acquired an office wife whose existence is causing much merriment in my life. AND she seems to keep hero in line without me having to do any work ( an ideal state of things,no?).

She is positively and definitely MUCH more wifely than the I am or am ever likely to be.

She tut tuts when he goes out for a lunch with the team the day after he has been sick (Keep him away from chicken when he feels like it? Very hazardous to health activity, that)

She cuts her hair and seeks his opinion ( I have come to the conclusion that unless I get a Mohawk cut, or get a tonsured head, there is very little actual chance of hero noticing.And if I were to ever ask him questions like "how is my hair looking", chances are that he will give some utterly inappropriate (and devastatingly truthful) response.)

She gets scandalized when he swears and tells him "mat karo" ( The official wife is proud of the fact that she has a better cuss-vocabulary then the hero. She is the co-author of that famous cuss-word dictionary after all).

And she, the unofficial wife calls him "Aeee"* in full marathi ayya-issha style( as oppose to "Abbe").

Poor fellow dreads work tete-a-tetes with her because he thinks she might start nagging about something.

I, of course, am shining in comparison.

So that philosophy that "If you want to look thin, get fat friends" seems to work here as well. If you want to be the cool wife, GET a scary wife.

* Closest hindi equivalent would be "Aeji" I think.


Starry-eyed nut said...

where does one get a scary wife from?Plsss Plss tell :)

Priyanka said...

I need one now!! You know, she should come in varieties like reminds-me-of-mom, embarrasses-me-in-public, is-saccharine-sweet, or (more realistically ;) nice-but-god-no-thanks...
In return (to the women world) am ready to be some gal's second wife too - as long as it comes around ;)

AmitL said...

'Office wife'? hoho-Cyn,you're too much..and, who knows, you might be propogating this idea of office wives by writing about them on your blog??:)
Another LOL at 'Aeji' being a close equivalent of Aeee..:)Reminds me of the fun line' Yeh toh mere Woh Hain'.:)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Starry eyed - I rather like Priyankas idea - be the second wife for someone and then hope it comes around. You know, almost like social service?

Priyanka - she should HAVE all of the above no? :D The scarier the better.

AmitL well, I had 2.5phera office husband years before I knew the actual official husband. So why not eh?

Parul said...

LOL. All of M's office wives have been men, most boring.