Thursday, June 24, 2010

The labour of waiting.

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So a few months ago, the hero and I went to see the hospital rooms and facilities at the behest (such a nice, euphemistic term for nagging no?) of the mothers.

So we see some of the rooms, not the really scary ones and eventually wind up in the waiting room where a few expectant fathers are lounging around.

The hero, then comes up with the following

"Hey, you know what? I should get one of those air-mattresses C ( his Brother in law ) has for this room. So I can lie down and rest on it while you are in labour. These plastic chairs look most uncomfortable"


Iya said...

talk about labor!!
reminds of that episode from friends where Joey underwent a surgery right when Phobe was delivering!!

Anonymous said...

Ha haha..Good one

shub said...

So did he get an air mattress?
With a few pins stuck in them perhaps?

Gypsy Girl said...

hahaha! men! i had to share the waiting for the labor ward with another lady coz of some ongoing construction work at the hospital. And the hubby send my mom in coz he couldn't take her screaming!!!!

stefy said...


stefy said...


Nowhere Man said...

Well it is indeed very hard being a sperm donor...


sra said...

They will never change, will they?

P said...

uff these men!
I like that in US they make the guys stay with their women throughout labor. At least they get freaked out as much as the women :D

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Iya i remember that one. Though the comparison i give hero is ahem..rather more painful! :D

anon , stefy :)

Shub - he would have had pins stuck in him if he had got the air mattress. But to be fair, he was pretty good when i was actually in the hospital. i think i scared the shit outta him when i was wheeled out.

Gypsy - where would this be? here men are not even allowed inside the labour room.

Nowhere Man - absolutely!

sra - hehe nope.

P - yes, that should be a good scary experience. pity its not allowed in india tho ..

Arunima said...

lol! poor fellow, he has nothing else to do na? you should have only gifted him one. :-)