Tuesday, July 20, 2010


What does one do when one has a very painful skin infection (which has resurfaced in a month) and the allopathic remedy for that is a very strong antibiotic?
What does one do if those antibiotics cause severe drowsiness and dizziness?
What does one do if drowsiness and dizziness is NOT a good idea when one is managing a three month old baby and is home alone?

One wades through the Internet and tries all sorts of home remedies.

So far, one has applied the following to one's skin

Potato in their jackets
Crushed Garlic
Cut Onion
Crushed Pepper Corns

Now we just need a dash of mayo and a pinch of salt, and voila Cynic-Potato Salad is ready for consumption

Tomorrows recipe : Cynful Aloo Methi with Jeera

P.S. I wonder whether I should put myself up on bhajifried.


g said...

Good to see you back and posting :) Is this what they call "itching to write?" :O

Epiphany said...

:) get well soon...

shub said...

Crushed peppercorns on infected skin? Sounds nasty, really.

sra said...

Except for the potato skins, the rest all sound like they'd make it worse - shudder to imagine how they'd feel on skin that's already hurting.

Gypsy Girl said...

try rosewater for the itch. It cools the skin.

D said...

Three months late in saying congratulations! You kept the baby such a secret! Or was I gone too long? And hey, take care.

Mom Gone Mad said...

hahaha! Sorry for laughing WITH you. Very funny. Hows Ammadom treating you?:-)

Arunima said...

you must be smelling of roses and lilies :-)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

g - dying to write would be more accurate. doesnt itch but hurts like the blazes!
how you doing?

Epiphany - thankee!

Shub,sra - very nasty! Garlic is by far the worst. I put garlic and felt like i was on fire, then like someone was using a hammer on me, then like someone was pulling the skin off, and then all of the three at the same time.

gypsy - tried. rosewater, neem, chandan. sighhhhh.

d- i had posted a couple of months ago and thank you.

MGM i first read it as armageddon and thought ah yes,thats my life, right, she has gone through it twice! :D

Arunima - the whole HOUSE is smelling of garlic man.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. am not sure which part of the skin and what kind of infection. But I had this bad bad itching of feet while I was pregnant. None of the allopathic ointments had cured it. What worked was calendula lotion(Called as Mother tincture in homeopathic stores). It soothed the itching..But this is only for external application and m not sure if it can be used for other kind of infections.. Get well soon.

AmitL said...

Hehheh...trust you to make light of what must be quite painful,Cyn..hope u get better soon...:)did you really get these remedies on the internet? Crushed garlic?Arghh! I'd think that'd be a remedy to keep people away from your comfort zone,rather than to cure a skin infection.:)Waise,the dermatologist I know in Baroda,is real good..doesn't give antibiotics unless they're a must..creams are enough,he says.:)Want his contact no?

Pinku said...

gosh..that must have been really painful.