Friday, May 7, 2010

The belated sixth blogversary post is as good time as any... introduce a new member into the fishbowl. Please to welcome Hero Junior, or MiniCyn who arrived a mite earlier that anticipated, on the 23rd of March. Which might explain why I have been under the radar these days with no posts/comments eh?

I probably will be a bit slow with the posts for a while more. Sleep deprivation is a part of it, and I also seem to be suffering from a self image schism or schizophrenia or sch-something which I am desperately trying to resolve. My self-perception is that of an advertising professional in Bombay, but the evidence (and dirty diapers) seems to suggest otherwise. Hmmm.

And to get used to (Okay, the momster bloggers might crucify me for this)the fact that the kid is er... around ( I forget sometimes ,when he is asleep. I also occasionally forget that I am married and get a “ Woah, when did that happen” moment) AND related to me. I can go up to “This is my..” and then my brain synapses short-circuit and shut down if I try to complete that equation. (Chronic ostrich syndrome, huh?)

Also, since I have been under house arrest for the last few weeks, nothing much to report, unless my dear readers want to hear tales of gore and grit (That is the threat I have been using on hero senior for the last month. Damn effective it is too!). Maybe not. But I WILL write a post on the labour of the waiting room (S’s – not mine) and the hooker who moonlights (Sunlights?) as a nurse (yes, I am a weird person magnet.)

So happy belated blogversary ( six years I have finished aiyo!) and belated birthday to the hero as well

P.S. Why haven’t I got a flood of questions and concern wondering where I am eh? I am very offended.

P.P.S. Suggestions for an appellation for the babe? Minicyn sounds like a cough medicine. Also a name – since we are still struggling to find one.

P.P.P.S Also pliss to go easy with the M-word. Panic happens.I know, I know, my mother has already scathingly asked me "What do you want him to call you? Didi?". I did mention my change phobia..?

P.P.P.P.S I need therapy.

P.P.P.P.P.S. He is pretty interesting though, I was told that when he first saw S, he looked him over and then poked out his tongue. Sterling common sense I say.


Lazy Pineapple said...

hey mommy..this is sweet.
And congrats for completing 6 years..

I did ping you on gmail...which you ignored hmmmppp :P

Hope to see you blogging

sra said...

I dunno why but when I saw the new post on the reader, I thought it would be an incubation announcement, I was behind by several months!:-D

Congratulations for blog and baby and belated birthday and best of luck with Hero Jr.

After listening to uber-Sanskrit-exotic names everywhere, I wish for a return to more down-to-earth simpler times but I'm sure you'd find my recos too old-fashioned, so I won't stick my neck out any further!

Zannah said...

oh wowwww!! it's you! i used to read your blog on rediffblogs like YEARS ago!! Congrats on becoming a mom! Hope you're well! :) will be back for more soon!

Aqua said...

Happy Blog anniversary, and Yay, the "news" is out on your blog. Congrats again and hey, MiniCyn sounds cool. what about MinCyn or Cynlet? yikes?

Can see you haven't lost your wry sense of humour. Look forward to more posts from you as you navigate mommyhood.

May the insomnia be with you.

Shachii said...

Yay! You're back :)
Have missed you :)

MiniCyn suits fine! Although might be a better idea to have some normal name. I prefer old-fashioned normal names to modern mixes with double letters (uh.. who am i to say!) all over the place.

Good luck with that!

Love.. and mini hugs to MiniCyn.

manuscrypts said...

what's to think? CynMon sounds so mallu and spicy :)
and congrats :D

wanderlust said...

many congrats, cynic. your wonderland has just become more wondrous, i expect :) on that note, how about calling him Boy Wonder here?
looking forward to more posts on the little tyke's antics. ah, finally a mom-blogger i can enjoy reading.

??! said...


Sorry, couldn't resist. And whoa, whoa, whoa. I know I'm scatty with following people's lives, but this is a surprise.

Congratulations! And welcome to years of chaos.

popsie said...

Congratulations on mommyhood and your blog anniversary! Missed ya and was soooooooo waiting for your comments on ma blog!

hyde said...


IdeaSmith said...

Popkin. Pruppet (to rhyme with 'puppet'). Sampoor. Just sayin'.

And the aforementioned questions have not being forthcoming, not from indifference but from respectful distance since The Cynic likes her space. No?

full_moon_p said...

P.P.P.P.P.P.S: I think you also need a new 'P' key!

But hey, congratulations, and we don't mind the grit and the gore... just get it off your chest...err, I'm sure you get my drift.

Go for old fashioned one- everyone has a fancy-smancy name now, when he grows up, let him be a li'l diff.

In love with my life said...

Finally! Congrats and all that, which have been told before too..

I second manu on the name. cynmon sounds apt:-))

And please write, even it is about the gory stuff.

PS: Don't panic if there are instances of memory loss where you forget there is a child- your child at home. Has happened to some of us!!!

Mumbai Diva said...


hee hee, looking forward to some interesting posts.

you take care.

MoodyGemini said...

Hi, so this was the news behind your conspicious absense. I was bored to refresh daily and see the "Fourth Estate" post and wondered , what had kept you away so long. Congrats to you and ur family..

Iya said...

yes yes i noticed u were gone but so was i.. congratulations mommy!!! this is awesome news.. good luch with junior..

Epiphany said...

Tons of congratulations!

Karthik S said...


Thanatos said...


P said...

CONGRATS MOMMY!!!!!...trying to get you used to the M-word AND shouting :))
MiniCyn sounds cool..not at all like medicine :)

totaltrauma said...

this has gotta be the bezt new mom post i have ever read - and on mother's day@

Congrats! And I like minicyn :) although you could turn it around and call him/her cinnamon! (sounds like cyni-min)

Satish Bhat said...

Congrats to you both !

Looks like miniCyn is going to give stiff competition to S !

Anonymous said...

wow. congratulations. time flies.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

Thank you all for your wishes. And for everyone who DID use the m word- hmpf.

Lazy pineapple - sorry aiyo, not been online too much so didnt see the chat message till much later.

Sra - incubator? hehe why does that bring SO many chicken and egg jokes in my mind?? And pls to go ahead and suggest names. Preferably by sunday ( thats the ceremony date and here we struggle still!)

Zannah - Yes, pls to be back. I have just a couple of people from that era!

Aqua- Mincin MinCyn? Ahem. I have lost my sanity - does that count?

Shachii - SUGGEST SUGGEST the names. Aaahan and Suuuunil and all of that eh? Yeah what do they mean anyways? The problem with modern names is that they are so inane.

Manu - cynamon is mo and me copyrighted.

Drenched said...

Hahahaha! I just went totally ZOMG when I read the first few lines and then, immediately checked the date of the post to confirm if it wasn't written on the 1st of April. Anyhoo, congratulations! Hope MiniCyn inspires a funny M-word blog. BTW, when my cousin had a kid 5 years ago, she had the same aversion to the M-word. So, she just never taught that word to her kid. The girl just calls her mother by her first name which causes a lot of scandal around... but I'm sure you wouldn't mind that if you follow this scheme. :P

Anonymous said...

Congrats Avs - MINO

AmitL said...

Heyyyy...Cyn- congrats,congrats...miniCyn...loved reading this post,as,u have more and more reasons to blog,I'd say..:)
and,happy blogversary,too..:)

AmitL said...

Ohh..I forgot to ask- hope the hired help's really helping u out??:)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Wokay was replying to the comments but had a rather long commerical break!

wanderlust - frankly doubt that a) i can become a momster blogger even if i wanted to and b) i dont suppose this will become a m-blog. i started it way before the baby or for the husband for that matter - so i reckon i will try and keep this my personal oasis of self ( as it is the babe seems to have stripped me of most of my individualness so as to say) -thats not to say occasional posts wont happen..

??! Well, it would have been a surprise even if you had been following it since its the first time i mentioned it no ( btw, WHY havent you been following by utterly insignificant life anyways?)

Popsie - ah now you know why i was MIA! will float in there soon, bear with me.

Hyde - :) to you too.

Ideasmith - yes, cyn likes her space very much indeed. in fact that was why, this post almost didnt happen. but thats not to say cyn doesnt like being missed either!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

full moon - well i might have considered writing about the gore and grit but then i realised there are bloggers who are professional gore and grit writers. i cant hope to compete!
p.p.p.p.p.p.s. i could direct u to some of em...

in love with my life- i must say i am relieved to know that other people forget too.Most folks i have met here have been the gushers who i suspect DONT forget. hmmm

Mumbai diva - thank you ji. Maybe i will start another blog. Too much work tho!

Moody Gemini - how is it that people noticed my absence but didnt send me mails comments and wot nots? Rudeness.

Iya , epiphany, karthik,thanatos- thank you so much. (Btw, am glad to see some lurkers have delurked ( unlurked?) i was beginning to wonder whether they were a figment of my imagination.)

P - I wonder whether i should put it to a vote - how many for minicyn?

total trauma - cynnamon is taken unfortunately. NO one except aqua has come up with any names. bah.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

S- thank you. Stiff competition to S is good I am thinking. Funny thing is seems to be rather obsessed with s right now. maybe its coz he is the only male around.

A - Thank you.Yes, time flies. Ten years now? Woah! All well with you?

Drenched - Or i could chose some grandiose dictator for life kind of name what say? That would be pretty cool.

Mino - i didnt even know you knew my blog aiyo. good to see you here and thank you. I have floated at mak so many times to say allo, you abandoned it?

AmitL thank you ji - hired helpless i am. sigh. hooker nurse post should be written!

Arunima said...

hey, you hid your bulging stomach from the blog world very very well. Congratulations and I am very happy for you. Sigh! I also completed 6 yrs and we are growing old Cyn. now, I know your post on surrogacy and why it came:-)

even I can't imagine myself being called a mommy. I will perhaps make the kid call me akka (sis) :-) No, I am not yet pregnant yet. The sperm donnor was away in the US and has just come back.

MoodyGemini said...

@Arunima: And the baby blues post too :)

shub said...


mentalie said...

congratulations, cynic! everyone i know seems to be making babies these days. what brave women you are!

Reluctant Warrior said...

Mommy Congratu err em I mean Many Congratulations!

Mehak said...

congrats! :D
and as for a name, you've probably picked one by now but how about Neil or Umang or Abeer or Avinash... (just suggesting a few which i kind of like)

Parul said...

I have already congratulated and all that....hope you're doing well. And both heroes are being good to you.

How about Cyntu, to rhyme with Chintu? No?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Arunima - since we are feller six year bloggers, join me in the other club too? No? hmmm. actually that surrogate post was not caused by this. the baby blues one either@ moody(tho the posting of the latter was - had written it in april last year but posted it much later)

Shub - wonder why all suggestions are with cyn ..hmmmm....

mentalie - brave? have you read all that stuff about denial i wrote?hehe

reluctant warrior - bah. and thank you.

mehak - yup name has been done already - but thanks for the suggestion. you are the only one who came out with actual names. hmpf.

parul - cyntu - really?

Gayatri said...



AmitL said...

How's the name search for miniCyn?

Pinku said...

hey congratulations!!!

am here after a long time and it was so wonderful to come upon this bit of news first. :)

congrats once again...

enjoy the change..

Aqua said...

Mincin lol :) Doubt you'll find your sanity in the near future. wait for the terrible tykes years :)

btw, can I still call myself a six year blogger? does posting comments on blogs count as blogging? :)

oh and hi Arunima, AmitL, Manu, Shubs. long time.