Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have been tagged by ditty – so here goes for whatever its worth.

First, the rules:
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- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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6 random facts about me (which I probably shouldn't share in public forums.Sigh).

1. I have obsessive compulsive disorder about hygiene – for instance, I cannot take the first cup or the last cup in a dispensing machine (plate/any stack actually) because – well it might be er...dirty- will take the one in the middle. I cannot eat roadside food – the thought of it with all the flies et al makes me want to throw up. People in my old office would merrily wipe their hands on the toilet roll paper after washing hands before lunch – me? Not a chance! When I am travelling I have been known to do exceedingly bizarre stuff in public washrooms which involves strange acrobatics (so that I don’t have to touch handles and doors) which are certifiable so I shall maintain a discreet silence about them!

2. I’m a sleep contortionist. When I go to sleep I don’t toss and turn. I perform anti-gravitational stunts. I can sleep sitting up, with my feet crossed in weird ways and wrap myself up into a small ball and peacefully sleep through it. I have managed to curl myself in yogic poses (which I can’t do as easily when I am awake strangely enough). When I was younger, my family used to always say that I would most certainly psyche out the future husband. Which I did very soon after the shaadi. It was a couple of days after we came back from trip; I was suffering from a combination of a bad throat infection and fever + homesickness + wedding anticlimax + general blues. Somewhere during the night, I must have curled up into a ball at the foot of the bed and taken a blanket over me. Hero woke up, instead of a peacefully reposed wife; saw emptiness and a heap of discarded blankets at the foot of the bed. Waited for a while. No sign of me. Started getting worried. Got up. Went out. Checked the house. Checked the bathrooms. One absconding wife. Checked the main doors all the time wondering whether ill wife in delirium had decided to jaunt off to Bombay in the middle of the night. Door was locked. Full panic was happening by this time – but before he could go out to investigate whether I had jumped out from the balcony, happened to come back to the room. And there I was – sitting with the blankets over my head sleepily blinking at him, vaguely wondering why he looked so harrowed.

3. I have a fetish for stationary – any kind, any type.Have written a long post in my old blog which i cant link for some reason.

4. I have Technicolor dreams on absolutely insane stuff – can be complete sequels to movies (with commercial breaks and dance sequences), mystery books (whose endings leave me surprised), alien invasions, jaane-bhi-do-yaaro-isque chasing corpses around town, Bengali speaking dolphins, royal intrigues in the UK (with theme song from Neil and Nikki or other etcetera movies), complicated mathematical formulae, or even exotic recipes of stuff (which unfortunately I forget after I wake up). I also get bizarre ESP dreams which I am unable to explain scientifically – about stuff which exists and I have absolutely no previous knowledge of.

5. I used to have imaginary friends. Yeah, yeah - you can say, lots of people do. But I had imaginary alter-ego-life which I could switch to, every time real life got too boring for a dozen years off. Imaginary life also had its share of problems and issues. I had this parallel universe till I was almost twenty. (ahem)

6. I was chronically shy as a kid – I would walk with a frown on my face to discourage anyone from talking to me. I had to write down stuff and practise saying it before I could call up my uhm..friends from school. Talking to strangers was utter, absolute purgatory. Then I ended up in qualitative market research moderating consumer groups.

Okay now who next? The olde faithful – Kraz, Austro, SWB, Galadriel– new people hmm...Chandni, F&D (new blog in store)


galadriel said...

Bengali-speaking dolphins and sleep contortions. are one of those normal-looking friends I have with a bizarre parallel life.

I absolutely adore u...avakins.U make me feel i'm not alone. Last week I had a dream where a python was trying to swallow me starting with my left hand.

I reasoned with him. he didn't listen. I doused his eyes with pepper spray, he let me go. I ran away, agonising whether I have been needlessly cruel. After all, he has no hands to rub his chili-doused eyes.
poor thing :(

Drenched said...

Last June, I spent the entire month living with three friends. I was in Europe and the nights were relatively chilly. Instead of sleeping on the beds, we put mattresses on the floor in a large room and decided to sleep on them 'cos for some strange reason, all of us loved that idea. I was the last one to get up one morning because I was sleeping all curled up towards the foot of the "bed" and when the others got up, they piled up their duvets over me and thought that I'd gone for a walk. I keep on sleeping snugly till noon until one of the idiots got anxious and called me up. Of course, I could have broken his skull with my brick like Nokia but my halo didn't permit me. =P I'm so glad and overjoyed to read that someone else shares this trait. *wipes unshed tears*

And Technicolour dreams? Hahahaha! This is amazing! I have never been able to make out whether I dream in colour or B&W. My life has no meaning left at all.

*Stuffs a sadakchhap gol-gappa (pani-puri, gupchup, puchka whatever you call it...I want the meaning to be very clear!) in Cynic's mouth and runs as fast as her little legs can carry her.*

Mo said...

I like the sleep contortionist bit. Truly bizzare. :)

My dreams are weird. Vivid and strictly in colour.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

hmmmm..gala ..but he had a hand na? yours?

drenched - heheh have done that so many times at home. i used to also sleepwalk and sleeptalk to make things more interesting..

*unfortunately poor ole cynic of the ageing legs, cannot chase nimble young drenched. so will sadly wave from the balcony

Cynic in Wonderland said...

mo - pliss to share more details about bizarre dreams thank you.

chandni said...

will do!

Mo said...

Well I can, sort of, lucid dream. I am dreaming while I am fully aware of what's going on around me.
So I belted-up and promptly dozed off during an particularly early-morning flight. Even before the safety video announcement had finished.

Scene changes to something random, and then the airhostess walks into the my dream-scape, and explains how to put on the oxygen mask in case of an emergency. And then it gets stuck to her face and she turns green and starts hopping around like mad (somewhat like the movie "Mask").

How I freaked myself out!

Okay, it's not funny they way I describe it here. And yet.
And I sleeptalk too. But that story for another day. Or post.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

chandni - waiting for it!

Mo - you know your dream sounds like one of those early morning dreams where one thinks one has got up and gone thru the motions of getting ready for work and then one gets up and realizes that neither did u a sleep restfully ( dreaming aboout getting ready for work is NOT restful) and you are not ready. feel completely cheated. your airhostess sounds like a bit like that only scarier - green airhostess up in the air sounds like no fun. Please post on sleepwalking incident.

vEENs said...

Ohh ... hheheh! I loved this TAG.. and all those random crazy things abt yu :))

thanks for the smile on a lazy sleepy day... I m pepped up now :))