Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Elegy to a Cell phone

Partners, we walked together
Bonded by a perma-stick spray
Never separated, any waking moment
Until January's penultimate day

The autowala's won a mobile
When we were prematurely wrenched apart
And you gained a new owner
Leaving behind a big hole in my heart

You were not just an ordinary cell,
But a witness to my life
The repository of all memories
The happiness, the hope, the strife

My umbilical cord to civilization
My diary, my radio, my phone
My backup for all emergencies,
How could you leave me so alone?

The private, silly jokes of friends
Or the odd sentimental line
Messages mushily saved away
Of special moments in time

Irreplaceable incidents galore
The sounds of the Roger Waters Jam
All those sparkling impromptu pictures
Thanks to the 2 mega pixel cam

The husband's left-footed attempts to jig
The video surreptitiously caught
Provided me much rollicking amusement
And blackmail fodder when we fought

Now my bereft ears strive and strain
To hear your distinctive chime
Occasionally they even catch phantom rings
Inevitable disappointment, time after time

I suffer from withdrawal symptoms
My fingers, they tic and spasm
They key in text in the blank air,
For no other phone, can fill the chasm

I kick myself again and again
For walking away without a backward glance
And negotiate the phone-less world alone
Through a hazy, pain filled trance

My umbilical cord to civilization
My friend, my partner, my phone
My reservoir for all reminiscences
How could you leave me so alone?

P.S. I am serenading dogs and writing bad odes to cell-phones. I think I need a holiday (and some sleep and money come to think of it)


chandni said...

aaaaaah the pain of losing a beloved cellphone.

I hear your pain!

waise, may be u really should take that vacay ;)

vEENs said...


Liked it so much :)) *giggles.

Maybe u should take a vacation and buy a new phone :)


Australopithecus said...

hehe.nice. too bad about the cell phone thought.

I dropped mine down a public toilet recently. so i understand the pain, anguish etc :)

Arunima said...

damn good though!

AmitL said...

Hi,Cyn-remember me?By chance,I came across ur comment on Arunima's blog and clicked the link...how're things? I also switched over to blogspot some time back..will be back to catch up on what I've missed.:)Cheers and happy 2008.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

chandni ..et tu?

Veens... i showed this to my boss. He told me to buy a new cell. So i tried to get leave( to get over the depression) AND hit for a payrise ( to buy the new phone!) Didnt work. Sigh.

austro ... that was an undignfied farewell to your cell dont u think? public toilet tsk tsk. have you brought a new one? then pls to give details about model/brand/price

Cynic in Wonderland said...

thank u arunima

amitl - long time, how have you been?good to see u here

Drenched said...

Hahahahaha! I love odes and elegies, especially if they're to ridiculous things. Oh, *bites her tongue*, did I just call your cellphone ridiculous? No, I didn't mean to. I feel the pain, having lost half a dozen cellphones till now. Life must be suddenly so meaningless to you. Heartfelt sympathies...

DiTtY said...

Tch tch! :) Poor you! Come to think of it, if the mutts and the tragic loss of the cell phone are inspiring you to write such hilarious masterpieces, then it, er, sure is worth it! :)

manuscrypts said...

ah, so its an automobile now? see, who needs a vacation more, o selfish one? :D

Australopithecus said...

oh i only buy the cheapest available..i am eternal kanjoos..also my phone gets banged about a bit so..cheap is best.

so..the one i lost was a nokia 1100
the one i bought to replace it.was the cheapest nokia going around

did i mention also..i actually retrieved sim card from lost phone?
did i also mention that the toilet was in recently used stage..

here take this airsickness bag to throwup in.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

drenched - a sad, sad loss indeed. will be missed by all. sighhhh

ditty - how rude!

manu - i always need a vacation

austro - aaaaaaaaargh information overload, arghhhhh

helloji said...

Every one has to part with the toll of bell,
Let it be our friend or beloved cell.
Hope it is fine and resting in peace,
If not in heaven, at least in safe abyss.