Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The adventures of Mutt and Moron

A year later

Our downstairs canine friends,Mutt and Moron have managed to definitely by sheer pig (dog?) headedness force their way into our life's and hearts. Not that it was too much of an effort for them anyways. It needs a much stronger will-power than I possess, to ignore a couple of pooches who go into transports of delight at the sight of one. S, if anything, is soppier than I am.

Now I know them a little better- Mutt and Moron I call them. The old chap sadly and quietly died before I could cultivate his acquaintance.

Moron is the cream patch fellow (who I discovered very recently, is not a fellow but a felli. No reason why he…I mean, she shouldn't be a felli – but sort of takes a bit of getting used to). Moron is certainly the younger of the two and has absolutely no wiles or guiles whatsoever. What he...damn it, she feels is open for the world to see. The tail is almost always on wag-overdrive and she has the most transparent face ever seen on a canine. Personally, I have a softer spot for Moron.

Mutt (the black chap) on the other hand, is much more dignified. While he will invariably come and chaperone us (S was soon allowed to join the hallowed ranks of people-they-deem-worthy-of-chaperonage), he does it, quite in the fashion of the grand seignior – implying by his royal hauteur, that he is completely indifferent to our attention and affection.

(As an aside, I find it particularly amusing when both of them go and meticulously inspect my boss/his car every time he picks me up from home en route to Mumbai. He (the boss) will have this long suffering look of 'do we HAVE to do this every time' which cracks me up)

Even when we give him food, Mutt will lazily get up, investigate it, and eat it in a completely disinterested manner; As if, he is eating out of a polite consideration for these enthusiastic, but clueless humans. That might actually be the case though –some people from the other building give them meat and bones - all we usually manage are biscuits /crackers/bread/milk. Hmmm.

Even his tail wag seems to be an act of magnanimous condescension – very languidly waved for our benefit.

However, we have realized that he is quite a glutton for attention as is Moron. We discovered this quite by chance a few week ago. Once when Moron was looking particularly morose, (she was inside the building compound while Mutt was on the other side of the wall). S squatted down and started petting Moron's head, before we knew what was happening Mutt had whizzed in, demanding his turn. We are yet to figure out HOW Mutt managed to see through a concrete six foot wall.

That brings me to an interesting sidebar, Moron (the femme-dog) always sleeps within the building compound, whereas Mutt (the male-dog) is outside the compound wall – is there something so primeval about the gender that females are INSIDE and men are OUTSIDE in ALL species? Point to ponder.

And well, life goes on. All I know is however lousy the day is, it can never be a complete disaster, as long as there are a few hyper-exuberant strays waiting for you, at the end of it


Ditty said...

Awww! Your Mutt and Moron sound precious! :) In true cosmic style, in Bombay, there are these two doggies who would always chaperone me to the auto stand and back! *sigh* I miss them!

Epiphany said...

I envy you! you actually have two dogs, but you don't have to walk them early in the morning, don't have to worry about what they do to your house when you are not around!!...I gotta get me some strays! :)