Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cootchie Coo(k)

Conversations with a cook prospect, transliterated for the audience. Picture a very scary, grumpy looking woman.

Me: "Oh, so what is your name"
She: "It is actually Kaveri, but sometimes it is Kavita."
Me: "Eh? Which one should I call you then?"
She: " Whichever you like."
Me: (Incurably nosy) "But why these two names? Which one do you answer to?"
She: "My actual name is Kaveri, but my husband lovingly calls me Kavita when he wants loving " (Er..?)
Me: "Well, in that case, since I am not yet in love with you, lets stick to Kaveri shall we?" ( No I didnt say that, was sorely tempted to though. Remember the Maid mafia?)

The one who supposedly joins tomorrow goes by the rather unlikely moniker of "Dimple". Unlikely why? Because she has an a rather bovine cast of countenance - nothing could be further than the Ms.Kapadia.

Watch this space for more.


popsie said...

Hope she knows to coo(k) and bring food to the table as well. Good luck! :-)

sra said...

She actually spoke English and said 'when her husband needs loving'? I'm ROFL!

AmitL said...

LOL-interesting interview,Cyn..more details awaited,like,how many hours or TV watching allowed,casual leaves,sick leaves,no-reason leaves,etc..:)

Epiphany said...

:) The adventure continues!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Popsie - I devoutly hope so too.

sra - no hindi - it was pretty damn funny tho.

amitl - sigh. dont make fun of my cook travails pls thank you.

epiphany - yes. this domesticity is ageing me faster than advertising did. never thought i would say that hmm.