Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sachin on a song

Dear Sachin,

I started watching cricket in 1991 or thereabouts - the buzz was around this fresh faced, young boy - a few years older than me, but certainly a contemporary, who was already been touted as the "One to watch".

And for almost twenty years, the world has watched - poetry in motion, the cricketing God, the one-only-next to Bradman - the praises have been so many and yet, none enough to describe who you are and what you mean to the ordinary joe or jane in the street.

You have stood for hope, when the country had nothing much to look forward to. You have stood for purity and what is right and pristine in a chaotic time. You have stood for passion in a country starved for heroes. You have stood for perfection in an imperfect world.

I have felt so many emotions watching you over the years - heady exhiliration at a sweetly timed cover drive, I have wept tears of joy when you led India to yet another victory, heartbreak and anguish when you were caught behind, and vitriolic anger against the umpire who dared give you a dodgy lbw, the odd vicarious brag ("Oh Sachin's house is right next to my college in Bandra"). But I have never felt the exasperation which say a Dravid used to occasionally elicit ( though I am a big fan of his as well) and never, ever disappointment.

Yesterday, watching you yet again, on a song, I felt another emotion - privilege - that I was born in the same generation as you and that I could actually watch you through all these years as a contemporary. That my growing years coincided with yours - and therefore, I could watch it with the same intense passion with which you played ( unlike the detachment I feel when I see the cricketers today) . And privilege that I have indeed witnessed genius.

When you are on , the world stops to watch.

P.S. Very gushy,incoherent post aiyo. *Blush*. But got very senti last night.Pliss excuse


chandni said...

My sentiments exactly! :D :D

He's GOD

Sanand said...

I was glued to the TV, not letting anyone watch any other channel. Despite my son screaming in my year that he wants to watch Tom and Jerry, I stood my ground and waited with bated breath as the GOD of Cricket played.

Sachin Tendulakar is just timeless and unbeatable. Your post is a fantastic tribute to this great player.

Pinku said...

Awesome post...nothing cynical about it and yes ...growing up with sahin is a pleasure.....

S said...

You don't need to blush girl !! we're all there with you ... growing old with Sachin ... :D

P said...

My sentiments exactly! No one could have described it better as you did. I rarely call myself anyone's fan, but I am proud to be Sachin's fan for 20 years :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Chandni, P - yes, i dont call myself a fan too easily either. but there HAVE to be exceptions no?

sadand, pinku, s - thank you.

AmitL said...

Nice tribute,Cyn!!:)

Meira said...

yes yes...totally allowed, such sentiments :)

D said...

You know, I wrote a poem on him in 1991 - the first poem I ever write in my life :P Managed to gift it to him as well :D

Thanatos said...

Problem is, watching Sachin in the 90s was hard on the nerves. You knew India would lose the second he was out.

Guess things haven't changed too much!

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

But we should've won that match, no? Like it has happened n times before - he scores a ton, but rest of the batting order crumbles and his effort goes unrewarded.

He definitely is still the God.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

amit, meira :)

D - YOU MET HIM??????????? WOAH. PHOTOOOO!!!!

Thanatos - true. and it was always such a bigger let down when he did some astounding magic and everyone else collapsed like a pack of bricks.

Sowmya - sometimes i used to wonder whether the rest of the team were just decorative fillers you know.