Monday, August 24, 2009

The water carrier

We have got a new water filter installed in the house today.
There is a feature which allows one to fill certain quantities of water which seems to have enthralled the hero,rather.
He therefore, has been bhatkoing around the house cordially urging everyone to guzzle gallons of water so that he can fill them up again.
If I die of overdose of water, wonder whether he can be called Homicidal Hydrator?

P.S. Have been missing in action for a while, things were happening so was/am rather preoccupied. Will get down to replying to the comments soon. For those of you who mailed, and tweeted and instituted inquiries - muchly appreciate the concern and will write back individually soon.


Meira said...

err does it work? pic for the spatially challenged?

mentalie said...

haha! it's quite curious how many husbands get landed with the job of filling water. my friend has a theory that the simple monotony of the task is soothing to men in general and husbands in particular ;p

Parul said...

Where WERE you?

Mumbai Diva said...

hmmm. be back soon plizz.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

You are back! :D

We have one too, and AB does the same thing. In a very snobbish way - Please have filtered water - this is his line! Its irritating to say the least!

narendra shenoy said...

Welcome back!


In love with my life said...

Oye...i almost thought the swine flu got you:-)

Good to have you back.

Epiphany said...

welcome back :)
Swine flu over cuckoo's nest?

litterateuse said...

(Ok, don't look now, but she's alive!) Good to see you back :)


Shachii said...

Finally!! (that you're back, not that you had a water filter installed!!)
Its actually good for you, drinking tons of water... maybe the hero (donno if I'm allowed to call him that) is doing you some good, for a change ;)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Meira - well its got a nice little button which fills up exactly one litre no. No rocket science.

mentalie - your friend might be right. also, how BADLY can they possibly screw it up? other chores on the other hand...

parul - some travel, some work physically speaking. mentally somewhere far, far away

mumbai diva - hopefully am back now.

nandini - really? what IS with blokes and water filters?

naren :)

in love - well someone in the complex got it so everyone is hiding behind masks

epiphany - cuckoo? CUCKOO? How rude.

g - :) thanks nice to know people NOTICED hehe.

shachii - i rather like the "for a change" part of it. how accurately you have understood the relationship i say