Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Rakhi Vhar Crackter are you?

1. At a party with Rakhi, How are you most likely to behave?
a) Kiss her
b) Try and hog the camera
c) Look at her disapprovingly

2. At a romantic tete-a-tete with Rakhi, How are you most likely to behave?
a) Kiss her
b) Throw petals and try and hog the camera
c) Look at her disapprovingly and ask her about her past affairs

3. How do you like Rakhi dressed?
a) Anything as long as her forehead is free and kissable
b) Ghoongat and bare midriff
c) Burkha

4. What movie song would you like played every-time you come on screen?
a) Chumma chumma de de
b) Seedi Jalaile
c) Parde mein rehne do

5. What is the gift your mother, Rakhi’s sasuma is most likely to give Rakhi?
a) Hygiene Wipes
b) Gangajal and Sindoor
c) Chastity Belt

6. What flowers would you buy for Rakhi?
a) tuLIPS
b) Marigold
c) Gobi ka phool

7. What is your favourite game?
a) Spin the bottle
b) Snakes and ladders
c) Killer

8. What would be your personal ad tagline to woo Rakhi?
a) Mika Pheeka, Lav Khush
b) Baja Moneymohan
c) Girl Grill Giri

Your score?
Mostly (a)’s: You are the Kisser Crackter.
Mostly (b)‘s: You are the Ladderer. Crackter.
Mostly (c)‘s: You are the Clearer Crackter:

A CynaMon Quiz


Iya said...

rolf...outstanding..this is ur genre..loved it..
and for ur info i am none..i am the spectator who watches and then shurgs..

Smitha said...

That was fantastic !! As Iya says, I too am the audience - who watches, cringes and yet doesn't give up:)

Meira said...

What!No I-want-to-slap-her crackter?
Everybody loves Rakhi :D

popsie said...

You seem to be helping Rakhi with her publicity on the world wide web and blogosphere! ;) he he

I do watch the show but feel like strangling that woman, is she insecure from head to toe or what?! Artificial, cheap and classless to the core!

Thanatos said...

Funny :D

I'd be whatever it is I had to be to win the contest. There's money to be had right?

narendra shenoy said...

ROFL! Enjoyed this!

Arunima said...

hum rakhi dekhte nahi, hum rakhi dete hai. :-)

AmitL said...

Honestly,Cyn,I didn't see the Scoresheet...but, I got all C.:)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Iya, smitha, naren - thankee verr much from both of us

meira who slaps whom. tell us more!!

popsie - oh yes. i am lovin it. its so bad its good

thanatos - er, no money, just the er..lovely rakhi as your life companion.
arunima - you must watch it. its great fun

amit - er, check the score card :D

Mo said...

All of you are jobless crackters, I tell ya.

Thankyou all for enjoying the madness.

AmitL said...

Ah,I did see the score card afterwards..since I'm clear-er,I'm happy!!LOL.

AmitL said...

Ah,I did see the score card afterwards..since I'm clear-er,I'm happy!!LOL.

numerounity said...

This is the best take on the entire "swayamvar" thing....Lolz

Any idea which "crackter' will win?

Hee hee me too addicted!!!

Sud said...

isnt it ironic that the lady's name is rakhi

Cynic in Wonderland said...

amitl - ah. ahem.

sud - apparently her name is something else. she appropriated "rakhi" because she used to go around tying rakhis to people as a kid.

numerounity - amazing how people have got completely addicted to it no?

chandni said...


U're mad woman! And I am loving it :D

what'll we do when the swayamwar gets over??!!??

the horror!

Maddy said...

hey cynic - in most questions there should have been a 4th alternative...

a million different people said...

Awesome. I think I love you.

For Rakhi no? I'd be any crackter. Except she's taken. :(

Mampi said...

You deserve the best CYN in the world award.
Well done, loved the post.

AmitL said...

You're tagged!!:)

rahul said...

it has to be C's all the way..awesome blog!!

g said...

LOL. Between jobless and crackterless I deem you two the former. Very funny happened!


(Yes, she posted this comment elsewhere by aksident - she deems herself mindless :P)

In love with my life said...

Cyn..where are thou?All ok?

Reluctant Warrior said...

Long time, No Cyn??!

mentalie said...

hahahahah! but what if she won't have me if i'm a loose crackter?

Meira said...

Hi. Where have you been?
You've been my blog