Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some potter patter in the monsoons.

So after threatening to do it for two months, I finally went and enrolled myself (and bulldozed the hero) into a four day pottery workshop. And it was frickin’ awesome.

I am on a bit of a lets-gather-new-experiences trip these days – don’t know whether it’s the bucket list phenomena or the fact the weekend routine of movies-malls-eating-out is seriously losing its charm. Also, I might not have quite lost my preteen fascination with clay ( and this was like rediscovering an old flame and finding that the spark still burned)

It was split two days for clay modelling and two days on the wheel. Clay modelling is fun – especially when you have a running commentary in your head (with the stray thought escaping aloud) about the stuff that one and others actually manage to create.

But it’s the wheel that is utterly magical. When you put a lump of grey gooey stuff on a wheel and put your hands to it and suddenly it starts taking shape – whichever way you hold it – you can flare it out, you can thin it down, you can make it spherical, cylindrical, and circular, you can put little swirls on it, you can smoothen it . I cant think of anything which gets formed and destroyed so fast - and you have the power to make something beautiful in a few minutes - a huge rush.

On other side-notes, it’s interesting to see how group dynamics exist even in the smallest of groups – there will be the abrasive, aggressive lady-dog from hell, there will be the overgrown front bencher who goes “miss, miss”, there will be the nice-guy-Santa’s –helper and well, there will be back benchers.

Some snaps by popular demand ( mine. Hmpf) .

Check out the sheeposaurus. The floppy ears could double up as wings.Only the heavy bottomedness will probably keep it grounded firmly on Terra firma (Damn I need to stop thinking of that dratted heavy bottomed skillet). Ever noticed how sheep's always have a goshdarned silly expression on their faces?

This is Cyn Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I was actually trying to make a vase, but it ended up as a wine glass.
Ah well.

P.S. All these snaps are before they have been fired through the kiln.


shub said...

*jaw drops*
That is NOT by a first timer, the sheep, especially.

Showoff, bah.

Iya said...

wow..lovely, ur exp and the pics, both..
i have tried my hand at the wheel thing once only for a few mins though.doing it for 2 days sure sounds exciting!!

In love with my life said...

What does your mother have to say about these creations? I am curious to know that. * evil smile*

Shachii said...

Way to go, Cyn Potter! Really proud of you!! :)

Sud said...

now you can start making the ganesh idols for ganesh festival

Cynic in Wonderland said...

shub, i made a couple of other things which were suprisingly nice as well. Not the best by any means, but quite decently good. Fellow who taught was pretty good i think.

Iya - nah wasnt two days - two hour sessions/day divided by six people - so works to maybe forty mins in total.

in love with my life - well she hasnt seem em. though she snickers every time i talk about it. hmpf.

shachii - thank you :). try it pls to. good fun it is.

sud - yus i was thinking that. i have grand plans of what all i will do with clay.

Meira said...

The sheeposaurus does look neat! and the wine glass looks inviting :)

happyfeetnme said...

you do manage to get things done!
I've been wanting to go to a pottery class for...lets see..6 years now!! damn.

Lazy Pineapple said...

hey cyn : Really cool :) wow the wine cup is are not only great with words but with clay too...way to go

Satish Bhat said...

Looks fab Cyn !

Mumbai Diva said...

hmmm..i'm is pretty duh right now....a fun course would help.

popsie said...

Splendid. Great idea....for someone like me who is jobless and bored to death. Hope I manage to find a similar workshop in this part of the world.

Pinku said...

nice stuff....u are talented girl!!

Mom Gone Mad said...

Love the sheeposaurus!

Noe you've made me want to enrol for a course too dammit.

rads said...

I've been searching high and low for this pottery class nearby. Since I've watched Demi Moore do her thing of course, and when I could even dream of pulling a bad imitation of her as well.
Now I just want to get my hands on the gooey stuff and then I can die peacefully. *sigh

Vase or goblet, the thing's maintained shape. Nice! :)

Maddy said...

pottery? made me remember demi moore from ghost and that ever lovely dong by righteous bros..