Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dharam Sankat

So I just read a post by Mom Gone Mad where she jitterbugs to some eighties muzzic. She has infected me with an earworm yes. And also a dharam sankat which needs to be resolved NOW.

Which of the following songs deserves to be crowned as the MOST played, brayed, used and abused song of the nineties?

The nominations are
1. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for you - Glenn Madeiros
2. Careless Whispers - George Michael
3. Last Christmas - Wham
4. The Lady in Red - Chris de Burgh

Think back to those school and college parties. Think of all the, puppy eyed, tooth-brush moustached knights serenading blushing polka-dotted damsels. Think of those mardana zanana dances at someone’s house.

Cast your vote now! (Give reasons why)

All you post 2000 kids. Go away.

Edited to add: Please also give details about which songs you serenaded/were serenaded with. Thank you.


manuscrypts said...

i demand bollywood content!!!! :p

Shachii said...

My Vote...
1. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for you - Glenn Madeiros

Gosh we were hooked to this song... it was present in all of my mix tapes.

KayKap said...

Difficult to choose just one; actually 2 of them are: Nothing's Gonna Change...and Careless Whisper...

shub said...

SO torn between 1, 2 and 3. But I think it shall HAVE to be "The world may change my whOle life through but nothing's. gonna. change my love for youuuuuuuuuu."
Twas sung so sincerely I almost feel bad for making fun of it. Tsk, tsk.

Prolific Dyslexic said...

it's got to be 1. Bands at weddings, orchestras at society functions, RJs on radio. yes it is 1. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for you.
P.S. these days they play it in the office cafeteria at lunchtime. ughhh.

Mumbai Diva said...

yikes! this one's tough. but i think - nothing's gonna change my love for you...

g said...

Hmm, hard to say. Most used, abused, battered, clearly #1. Phavorite, #2. So basically

1 2 3
(come-go weather is colorful :P)

I don't say, she says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBP3UzJMzQg

In love with my life said...

V V Very difficult!

Most abused, brayed and sang at all possible pitches at random places- Glenn Madeiros #1

Loved 2, 3 and 4 as much- just abused them a little less.

N said...

My pick is “Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for you “ for the following reasons:
It is played in movies, serials as a song & in dialogues
The closest would be Last Christmas if you count the Hindi version as well.

Iya said...

i love 1 and 4 but to choose any it has to no 1.
easily the most abused. reminds me of this lanky, ackward looking tean crooning away in the most unmanly voice. yes, there were these love struck guys in the neighbourhood.. eeks.

bubbly said...

careless whispers ... though for the life of me couldnt understand why it was so!!!

Shachii said...

Looks like its hands down #1, Cyn!!

Drenched said...

Please stop discriminating on the basis of our growing-up years. Hmph. As a post-2000 teen, I protest and my way of protesting is to vote here.
"Nothing's gonna change my love for youuuuuuuuu" is the winner. It was so popular well into the late '90s too when I heard it being played at some stupid New Year's Eve party (it was '97 or something, I guess). I used to croon it with my stupid 4th Std. friends until I learnt better. :P

And you can't ignore this vote. Hmph.

Mo said...

I vote for 1. Oh man.
Though for me the most used and hence abused song of all time is :Sweet child (1987) - dedicated by every damn boy to every girl in sight.

Aqua said...

Without a doubt - "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for you".

*gets flashbacks of school fetes where this was the most requested song in the request stall* (yeah all school fetes had one those days).

Epiphany said...

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for you - Glenn Madeiros

My reason? Even in 2000 My room mate recorded this song on both sides of a tape and played it 53 times (no seriously, still a record in our hostel)...the target audience was about 100 yards from his room...

They both are married now...not to each other...and I still suffer every time the song is mentioned..thanks Cyn :P

MR said...

I am picking last christmas.They really thrashed that one.And as N said the hindi version is an absolute abuse .I also nominate Hello

Anonymous said...

Last christmas - my choice

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Okay so let me see

so far the tally

Nothing gonna change - 13
Caress Whispers - 2
Last Christmas - 2
Lady in red - 0

Keep it going folks.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Epiphany 53 times? Dear god. Isnt there a law against that?

aqua, iya - heheh yus. and all boys with soulful eyes ( and constipated looks) crooning it no? * shudders *

M/N ( now we need some l and o too) that last christmas hindi song was an atrocity - maine pyar kiya right? sallu bhai? urghhh

young manu - spoil sport

shachii - yus probabaly. i was inclined to go with that one too. i think i break out in a rash every time i hear it now.

kaykap - yus i thought i would pass this agony to others

shub - they are all decent songs. for the first 1000 times you hear them. its only after that...

prolific - bands and all? i am trying to think of indian bands with those red uniforms and gold buttons blaring it out on trumpets. defies imagination rather.

ank said...

I'm a pre 2000 kid though, but remember having heard only 1 and 3. Bollywood poocho to batayenge.

Meluhhan said...

Hello there, and I'll get to the point. My twelve votes go to Last Christmas, and I think we have a winner here! :)

Yeah, first me with my awesome '80s trash and now you with your lovely mush. Look what Mom Gone Mad has gone and started!

Amey said...

I vote 1... for the simple reason that I don't remember I have ever heard nos. 2, 3 and 4 ;)

My knowledge of "english" music is slightly worse than my knowledge of rocket science.

gooddaysunshine said...

Oho...you missed out My Heart Will Go On!!

And those Backstreetboysy, Boyzonish songs!!

Can only think of Shenaz (of MTV Most Wanted fame) sighing to yet another request for Celine Dion!

But yeah of these my vote will have to go for Nothing's gonna change..

Mo said...

@Young manu: Don't know songs but I will give you some dialogues which made rounds in love letters:

1. Dosti me no sorry, no thank you.
1a. Cigarette peena sehat ke liye haanikarak hota hai, is injurious to health.

2. Door se mujhe koi chehra badalon ke peeche se pukar raha hai.

3. Tumhari aankhe jheel neeli/peeli hai. (Cyn correct me)

4. Hum aapke hain kaun?

Will tell you more.

manuscrypts said...

hmmph.. a post titled 'dharam sankat' and i am expected to vote on an engish song!! Nothing's gonna change my mind....

Mo: :D

Sarsij said...

Hindi gaana chahiye....... :)

mentalie said...

i know this isn't part of your list cynic, but there is one song that reigned in the nineties and that still comes back to haunt you at any pub with a 30+ clientile/DJ, viz, summer of '69. the next time i hear it, i'll puncture my eardrums myself.
from your list, i vote for wham because of the little white hot pants george and andrew wore in the wake me up video :D

rads said...

Last Christmas, a big favorite of mine. :)

then yes, Nothing's gonna change my love for you. - It's overdone but sweet every time it's listened.

Mom Gone Mad said...

Wow! I love what I unleashed!:-) And most def. Nothings Gonna..

Oh the murderous lack of harmony -we can almost count the ways!

Satish Bhat said...

No 1 gets my vote.Isnt this the one where the guy is singing from a cliff ?

heard it first on my school bus when a classmate sang an off-key version for the target audience sitting 10 feet away.No luck.

Meira said...

Gah ! So difficult :D
But Nothing's Gonna change, I think. Was the perfect mushy number. Last Christmas too, because of the good looking George Micheal. We were to fanatical to notice that he was gay :D

I was serenaded with Air Suply's Love out of nothing at all :D
Whats yours?

Meluhhan said...

I don't think I was ever serenaded. :(

But I did once serenade myself with 'Smack my bitch up' at a college . Ahh, Prodigy!

a million different people said...

Did you just ask me to go away? Because I will not.

Sigh. I vote for #1 too. Although I hate it that we're all voting for #1.

First time I was serenaded? Sure, let me drink fire. Some Westlife song, broken voice, still a first shave to come. I died. Nice boy, though. Did my homework for the most part.

What's In A Name!? said...

Sigh, tough choice, and though I'm a post 2000 teen, i'll also protest and vote like drenched.

My vote, though, goes for Last Christmas. If we didn't have it being played on MTv or some other place, then, we had Annu Mallek (yea, that's his current spelling), the baap of copy cats, turn it into Dil Mera Churaya Kyun..

I vote for Last Christmas.

What's In A Name!? said...

ps - Kumar Sanu singing the hindi version was the determinant in selecting the song - tough poll you had there.. :D

Maddy said...

man, i love those four songs...
last Christmas was also done by George Michael - right? but my favorite is lady in red...and i can listen it over & over again..

Arunima said...

oh my God, here is another question to prove that I am not young anymore. boo hoo.

Lady in red is the 4th but the rest, we crooned equally. oh My! we used to sing in the class together. Then there was 'hello, is it me you are looking for?' and then there was 'because I love you'. Sigh! memories.

Arunima said...

oh my God, here is another question to prove that I am not young anymore. boo hoo.

Lady in red is the 4th but the rest, we crooned equally. oh My! we used to sing in the class together. Then there was 'hello, is it me you are looking for?' and then there was 'because I love you'. Sigh! memories.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Tally stats

Nothings gonna change: 21
Careless whispers 2
Last christmas 5 ( + Meluhhans 11)
Lady in red: 0 ( i had my doubts about this one actually!)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

ank, sarsij and young manu, i think by popular demand, we shall have a hindi poll as well? but ugh so many of them.

Meluhhan - yes, she is terrible influence. Had three days of all these songs in loop mode in my head. hmpf. but i like your 80's challenge. i shall jump onto the bandwagon very soon and put in my bit.

amey - another bollywoodisque chappie?

gooddaysunshine - yus it was a battered song, but as bad as the others? somehow that just lasted for a couple of years. and i STILL hear the blasted nothings gonna change these days.

mo : tumhari ankhen peeli hai is mr cyn dialogue. he thinks its hysterically funny also. sigh.

mentali - you know i thought about adding that. but i think the difference is summer of 69 - one got an overdose of the original. But the others - you were inflicted with a) wedding bands, b) love sick toneless tuneless prepubescent lads serenading ladyloves and other such interesting variations. THAT is what made them unbearable.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

rads - yus they are not bad songs. only overdone songs

MGM - HMPF. stop gloating on what you started. may you have someone croon it for you soon.

Satish. i seem to have mercifully blanked out the video. but i vaguely remember a beach. there probabaly was a cliff too.

Meira - half the people had the hots for georgie porgie no? only in his case it would be kissed some boys and made them cry.... My serenading (dedications actually) happened only in the twenties. unless you count making a friend sing/strum "tequila sunrise" under duress becoz i liked that song?

Meluhhan - i forced a serenade. same thing. I might have got a couple of dedications tho. does that count?

A million different people- westlife? pls to give details. where, how. why. preferably a video of it.

whats in a name - ah yus maine pyar kiya with sallu bhai. man i can think of half a dozen polls i want to put up. which is the worst hindi butchering of an angrezi song..

maddy - yup - half of wham is george michael no.

arunima - yus slowly toeing towards middle age no? Hello was close too come to think of it

AmitL said...

Hi,Cyn...my pick is'Last Christmas'..pretty soulful..there were so many others,too..back in the 80s.:)
No answer to the last question..maybe coz it'd be a Bollywoodian answer..keep guessing.:)

shilpa said...

I vote, 'Everything I do' Bryan Adams..I mean come on of course I believed each guy who dedicated that one to me......

Thanatos said...

How about

Nothing Else Matters?
Sweet Child of Mine?

Guilty of serenading with both.

Thanatos said...

Psst : AMDP, we need to talk.

Trauma Queen said...

these sound more 80's than 90's to me :P

if 90's is what you want, your options should have been
1. Winds of change - scorpions
2. sweet child of mine - GNR
3. smells like teen spirit - nirvana

and I guess Glen would win for ANY decade for 'song most serenaded in a god-awful voice'

shilpa said...

How do the votes read Cyn?

Mystic Margarita said...

First time here via a common blogger's list :)
My vote goes for Nothing's Gonna, too. Though I love all the nominated songs - they bring back so many memories :)

Australopithecus said...

wait...what about the late 90s. I would like to move a motion that celiene dion be included.

but i'd say #1 would be my vote!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Final stats :

Nothing's gonna change: 24
Careless whispers: 2
Last christmas : 6
Lady in red: 0

Apologies for the delay folks - been traveling and getting ulcers trying to log in with data card.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

amitl - looks like i will have to have a bollywood poll too

thanatos: same girl or different ones? again those are very niche. havent heard autos playing em - thats my cut off!

trauma queen - yup technically they were eighties - but i am pretty sure they were abused more than any nineties song in the nineties.

shilpa - i think everyone i know ( girls ) went all mushy with everything i do. and kevin costner.

mystic - good to see you here. do keep coming!

austro - my heart will go on eh? and also a motion for banning the im the king of the world bit. urgh.

Miri said...

It has to be careless whispers - it was played at every "social", requested at every "rose day and chocolate day", dedicated at every college festival - sigh...