Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cynic in Cucina

So Parul tagged me the other day to come up with a compendium of domestic disasters. Actually she might have meant only one - but I suffer from a problem of plenty so I thought I would let the readers chose!

...should I write about the time, I forgot to put the water in the pressure cooker while making rice? And about how I felt so smugly complacent when I smelt burning stuff. Secure in the belief that I had nothing on the gas that could burn?

...or about the time when I got onions and potatoes and kept them in a plastic bag in the store-room and cheerfully forgot about their existence, until strange overpowering smells started taking over the household? I learnt that onions die agonizing deaths inside plastic bags.

...or would it be more spectacular disasters that would make interesting reading? The time I nearly set the curtains on fire while happily leaving oil to heat in pan and cutting onions into interesting shapes to entertain myself while completely oblivious to the fact that heated oil lights up like a bonfire?

...or the fairly recent soup experience, where I put hot palak into the mixer only for the lid to blow up at rocket speed. S walked into the kitchen to see me standing in the middle of a lake with stuff dripping down my hair and a fairly bemused expression on my face staring at the mixer lid on top of the cupboard. ( Incidentally I still bear the scars of this one!)

So which shall it be?

P.S. People, can we have some visits onto the bhajifried blog please? And more importantly, can we have some guest contributors? We might run out of recipes at this rate. Hmpf.

Edited later: I forgot to tags the folks aiyo rama - dear readers, please take it up and let me know!!!


mindspace said...

:) i think they all qualify. did you notice how we take lessons form all disasters.. the bonfire incident reminds me of the time i was experimenting with candle making at home when i was in school. the wax in the pan caught fire and the flames were all around in the kitchen. miraculously nothing happened to me. but the story doesnt end here. petrified, i ran out of kitchen n my bro(younger than me) who was just outside came running n turned off the knob. n this was being quoted as a classic example of how girls n boys react to disasters :(

Epiphany said...

LOL @ Soup moment! U were in a soup literally :D...looks like I am a better cook as I don't cook...("ducks for cover")

Parul said...

Cyn, I declare you the winner of this tag. All four are gems!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

mindspace - strangely enuf the bonfire experience was while at school only. the rice was in college and the other two are recent stories. but did you ever live down that running away while your brother ran towards thing?

epiphany - well no gain without pain and all that jazz no. my mother always wonders how someone who she (grudgingly) admits has some intelligence is so un-common sensical in the kitchen hehe.

parul - sigh i have a sneaking suspicion that there might be more which i have blanked out.

Aquarius said...

hey cynic I am in the same boat as you. I have done the palak soup thingy and man o' man it was not a pretty site at all. Some palak got stuck to the ceiling as well hehhe. Hubs had to bring a ladder and scrape it off.

manuscrypts said...

you should make videos of these and add them to the bf blog... "Cyn & the recipes for disaster".. that'll dramatically increase visits? :}

maidinmalaysia said...

cyn: thanks for taking it up. so this tag IS moving.
i thought the domestic goddess kauravas were getting the upper hand over us ungoddessy pandavas.

yes. you are a worthy taker of this tag. parul has chosen rightly

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Video be damned, Manu, we need the film!

Coming soon to a theatre near you - unless it self-destructs en route...


AmitL said...

ROFL-now,that's one nice set of domestic disasters,Cyn..can't really pick the best of the lot,frankly,though the hot palak one with the lid blowing to the top of the cupboard surely comes a close first..:)
BTW,tks for some warnings,namely,that onions should not be kept in plastic bags and heated oil lights up like a bonfire..hehe!!(Yep,there are some people like me, who're more unaware about these things than you!Disasters waiting to happen can be avoided with such posts..keep them up!!)
If you'd tagged me,I'd have posted about me and water-based domestic disasters!!Sigh!!!

Amey said...

Hahahahaha... #1 reminds me of my cousin's roomie, who put eggs to boil on gas and went back to read. After waiting what he thought enough time, he went back to collect the eggs. That's when he realised he had forgotten to put any eggs in the water ;)

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I have done the exact same things, Cyn. Same to same we are :D

( my mom will kill me if she sees this comment in such bad English!)

Anyway - I completely forgot to go to bhajifried! Will do so right now and add it on reader before I forget :)

Mo said...

Errm, I thought #1 was a rite of passage to the kitchen.

Everyone has done that at least once no?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

aquarius - take up the tag. tell us more. ladder and ceilings sounds very promising.

young manu - hmpf. my recipes are good. my kitchen skills not so much.

maidinmalaysia - i suspect there are a lot of closet undomestic goddesses around. out. come out!!!

J.A.P - oi there. long time.

Amit - post, post. water disasters eh? hmmm S also has those. he goes somewhere and the pipe needs to burst.

amey - and i know someone who tried to boil and egg in the microwave - it burst. interesting things happened. :D

nandini - guest post pls thank you.

mo - apparently not. some people KNOW stuff like that since birth. hmpf

Reluctant Warrior said...

Without being labeled an MCP, may I reluctantly suggest that this is a girl thing.

Our microwave caught fire while my cousin (sister) was using it and some how I was blamed because I had used it 3 hours ago. (the fact that it happened during one of those time when some-guy had come to "see her" didn't make it any easier.

Again choti sis puts all the campa-colas in freezer when I had asked her to put just one before serving me.

Now both cook amazing stuff though!

Amey said...

Do tell. Came out with an egg on his face, did he? (I know, I am funny :D)

Maddy said...

yuk - rotting potatoes are 'orrible...but reaching the ceiling with the mixer is a new one. we had splatter the wall disasters and popping cookers..

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..relcutant warrior - er girls have more accidents in the kitchen for the simple reason that girls see the inside ofa kitchen roughly 98% to the mens 2% no? Simple math.

amey - hehe literally the egg on the face.

maddy - yus rotting potatoes SUCK. they should make cookers that dont blow dont you think. and heat proof mixie jars. and fire proof oil. hmmmmmmmmmm

Amey said...

And you would have thought cooking eggs is such an easy recipe.

P.S. My cousin's aform. roomie is an egghead.

P.P.S. No,, I am not in the market for rotten eggs ;)

What's In A Name!? said...

Heated oil lights up like a bonfire?? Really? Hmm.. I should try it someday!

On second thoughts, naah! :D

I actually thought its just me who would cut vegetables in random shapes to amuse myself. :D

Revs said...

Cynic!! Cynic!! I *heart* your blog! I read quite a few posts now. Although I'd love to complete the archives now, I can see my conscience right in front of me wearing a white and white whatever and asking me to go and study! So I'll finish my exams and come back. Just wanted to say a Hello! :) Tataa

Arunima said...

mine happened when mom-in-law was there. The wall looked as though I played Holi. She was standing right next to me. I guess her presence had that effect on me. :-) But one nice thing was that she was cool and said, it's ok while I was just looking agast.

chandni said...

I hereby declare you the winner (after reading oether domestic disasters post)

Rada said...

May you live in interesting times!

I think you already do! ;-)

Meira said...

good lord! I can only imagine the cleaning up required after each :D