Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scandalous spice secrets

A wednesday morning gossip session between Mo and Cyn.

Mo: holy basil is tulsi
Cyn: Is there is the profane basil also?
Mo: yes. There is a very profane basil used in Thai cooking
Cyn: really? Tell me more - This herbs gossip is fascinating. Is the English rosemary doing it with the Italian oregano you think?
Mo: while Parsley is a priest.
Cyn: Thyme is hot
Mo: Thyme is the day tripper. She says “thy me, thy me.”
Cyn: Sage is a wise old woman. Marjoram is a flighty young chicklet
Mo: Bay leaf is a beach bum, a lifeguard
Mo: Cumin is cunning
Cyn: Cumin is sleazy. Ogles at young Marjoram
Mo: Cynamon is well, you.
Cyn: Cardamom is pompous prig
Mo: Pepper? Pepper is this rap artist - a delinquent teen
Cyn: MC pepper. He is black and cool
Cyn: Green pepper is his younger brother - jealous feller
Mo: Saffron is of course an extremist
Cyn: Caraway is a hobo. Who else is there?
Mo: Anise.
Cyn: Anise- very allergic
Cyn: Cayenne pepper- is MC peppers sultry wife
Cyn: Turmeric is a sardarni
Mo: Talkative sardarni
Mo: If we have a baby, we'll call her Cyn a Mo n

And this is how we add some spice into our lives in all seasons. Completely herbilicious don’t you think?

P.S. You can be further edified by putting a face onto the name.(Cayenne = Beyonce lookalike)
P.P.S !!!???!!!


Australopithecus said...


shilpa said...

haha that was hilarious? Herbarious?
I suppose Mustard is MC Pepper's fat agent!

shilpa said...

Thanks for the comment!Perhaps when I am a dismal failure at science..I can use the money to prop up my fat head...either that or spend my days in Jail sued for using all her characters!

PS...Where in Pune do you live?

Iya said...

u missed aesofetida - a fit shapely Ass!!

manuscrypts said...

that makes both of you honorary spice girls? btw, i thought marjoram was a major stud and cinnamon was a mallu.. and how could you forget paprika? :p

Cynic in Wonderland said...

austro :)

Shilpa - mustard - bappi lehrisque, mustard yellow coat, lots of chains? im lovin it

iya - hmmm svelte sesky thing u think? but somehow i get pic of someone with Bo. now why is that

young manu - shush. paprika is very good. hindi fillum heroine with pallu trailing dramatically who is going to be an unwed mother? Giving the Rosemary a run for the money.

Epiphany said...

utter joblessness I say...loved it :)

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I'm so going to link you up for foodies in the other blog! :D

*unless Sra beats me to it* (innocent smile)

narendra shenoy said...

Completely brilliant! Enjoyed thoroughly!

Satish Bhat said...

Gosh u folks wud be great as food critics !

gauri said...

//Mo: Saffron is of course an extremist
Cyn: Caraway is a hobo.//

LOL. You just reminded me of those hajaar jobless conversations with my sis :D

Hopped from somewhere, me likes! :)


Silvara said...

LOL - hilarious post!

I keep laughing at the image of mustard as Bappi Lahiri hahahahha

Mo said...

You missed LOTR-esque Tarragon, son of Hawthorn

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Epiphany - complete joblessness no? hehe

nandini - yussssssssssss pls do. mo is an awesome cook.

thank you verr muchly narenji

satish - you think so? would be fun to be a food critic tho. anyone is hiring???.

allo allo gauri - pls to come back.

silvara - i suspect i wont be ever able to look at mustard with a straight face anymore. sigh.

mo - ah yus the hot tarragon

The Scatterbrain said...

lovely!! I love yours and Mo's baby name the best! In mallu land, it would make perrfect sense!

roop said...


why is turmeric a sardarni btw? :D

too funny.

Solilo said...

Ha..ha.. this is brilliant and funny.