Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Name Suggestions....

Please suggest names for my GODCHILD-TO-BE who shall be arriving in the next fortnight or so.
I have suggested many which my godchild's mother-to-be has shamelessly shot down, drat her

As many as you want.

Girls and Boys.

Also if there are any copyright issues let me know. Chances are that I will be stealing the name and taking credit anyways.


Nandini Vishwanath said...

Shakti for a girl. Boy - blah :D mebbe something random ;)

manuscrypts said...

i am reminded of the Manhattan credit card ad :)

Shachii said...

BEWARE: By asking such a question to someone who has spent 18 months labouring over names, you are putting yourself in danger of being flooded with them!!! But here's a short list of my favourites..

Mind you.. I like run-of-the-mill simple names, as long as they are sweet and strong!

Boy names:
Aditya, Ishan, Vikram, Rohan, Yash, Yuvraj

Girl names:
Ananya, Sanjana, Maitri, Namya

Good luck!

??! said...

Boy. Girl. Oiyou. Abey. Listen.

...come on, make the kid's life interesting.

Mo said...

New ideas:

After famous bloggers? lots will volunteer their names. Worst case, go with unisex sounding "??!"

Or as an earlier discussion went, name them after fonts.
Boy: Arial, Girl: Helvetica

[PS: We tried the latter with b50, he didn't agree.]

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Nandini - Boys are much more difficult no for some reason?

Young manu - stop talking like a branter and suggest!

Go Shachii Go. ALl have been passed on. Some more please thank you.

?!?! Cant do those unfortunately. Those are the mother's names.

Mo - the artist formerly known as questionmark? and no tilotamma too thank you pls

Mo said...

Cynderella, What's wrong with Tilottama? It's a wonderful name.

Else, I volunteer mine.

narendra shenoy said...

Boy - Vyaas (my elder son)
Girl - Ananya (a cousin's daughter. Regular imp)

Thanatos said...

Is this a contest? With gift wrapped prizes too?

Perakath said...


Have you seen that Russell Peters clip with the name "!xobile"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj-1kp777NM

Shachii has suggested both my name and my brother's... can do no better than that!

Perakath said...

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had cool names as well.

Satish Bhat said...

btw, are all of us giving you names with the right religious background ?

Guy - Kaustubh

Gal - Rohini, Mayuri, Poonam

Perakath said...

I know more than one male Kaustabh, and plenty of female ones. Avoid the bi-sex names, do.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Would the kid be saying Hi, I am XYZ and my name was suggested by ABC ? Like sponsored feature films

Names: Male:Siddharth(common,nevertheless)

Nikhil aint bad either :|


AmitL said...

Ahhh..Godchild..:)Let's see now.

Girl: Jhankhana
Boy:Would they like any of the Eshes? u know,Dinesh,Mahesh,Rajesh,..:)And, Anmol is a nice name,too.
On the humour side:
If it's twins: Jignes(h) and Jigisha..typical Gujju style..

a million different people said...

I like Tanay, and Vikram, and Varun even.

For the girls, um, Aditi, Anita and Bhavna.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Mo - Tilotamma is good comes as an adult like draupadi - can you imagine a mite with a handle like that? Besides i cant spell it.

Naren - vyas has been reccomended. Girl is name of scary alpha femme *shudders*

Thanatos - your suggestion may determine the life and personality of the child. ( check kabalarians) - isnt that gift enuf?

Perakath - all cool names have been slapped down already. sigh. people have no creativity.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Satish - yup right religious background it is.

Perakath - yup those are strictly avoidable - knew a male ashwini and aruni. Also names such as Ishit ! ( I know, i KNOW)

Nikhil - dunno about the kid, but i sure as hell will tell everyone i suggested it !

Amit have two nephews with gujju names weirdly enuf. These people are tams - can you imagine a Jignesh iyengar type of combo?

Million diff people - Tanay is verr good. I like! The rest are people one knows and doesnt like too much heheh. ( actually i know about 5 aditis)

Amrita said...

I like the name Anahita myself. It means Chaste / Immaculate and is the name of the Persian version of Ganga. I like Ganga too. In fact, I like the names of rivers a lot.

For boys, I like Avinash.

roop said...

Maya ! ! ! ! :)

please please i wanna name a girl that else i'd have to reproduce!!! :P

Princess Fiona said...

south indian names..and that too iyengar...my forte :)

but lets stay clear of the oldies names...vaidehi, rajam, jaya, pushpa, gopalswami, srinivasan, natrajan etc


boys - narayan, narsimhan (both powerful names)

girls - amritha, samyuktha, keyura (thats sanskrit), vaishnavi

pls to be noting the "th"..im guessin since they south indian..they'll appreciate it even more :))))

Princess Fiona said...

0oh...and dont forget to tell us who won! i accept all major credit cards ;)

maidinmalaysia said...

how bout firstborn?

can be first for short...
and then the kid can always be "first"
god knows that kids always always want that from age 3 up.

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