Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear God. What is happening to my city?

A blast so close to my home ( Vile Parle) that my mother heard it.
Leopold cafe - a five minutes walk from my home of four years.
Taj Hotel, the scene of countless official meetings.
Ramada Hotel - the usual meeting place for me and S, the place I have gone to countless times and more for work
Nariman point - a stone's throw away from offices of two of my close friends.
I could see Sasoon Dock (where they apparently landed) through my dining room window.
One friend has the military stationed in her building.

I am watching the news as I write this and there is the heartbreaking shot of a mother-daughter duo looking out from a window where they have written "SAVE US"
And another of a terrorist ( supposedly) standing at the window with a gun.
Scenes of the terrorists escaping in a police van for crying out loud.
Twelve hours down and still a stall mate.
5-7 terrorists at the Taj still and another 7-9 in Trident. Gun happy, ammunition heavy terrorist.
101 innocent, helpless bystanders killed and 300 odd injured.
And hundreds still held hostage, helpless and terrified.

I don't think I felt even this heartsick when the blasts happened, or the great flood. I don't think I ever felt this unsafe.
How many times will Mumbai has to go through these trials?
How many more Mumbaikars will have to get hurt, die before the spirit of this city is utterly broken?
When are we going to start feeling safe again?
I can only weep tears, for my city is oozing blood.


Veens said...

Never I Guess.

I can't believe the tAJ we so lovingly saw on 15th Aug, this year.. is minute by minute getting destroyed.. i can't believe i had stood b4 it and marvelled at its beautiful architecture.

i can't believe..that my Dad is safe in Surat.. where he could have been anywhere near to those places..

i dnt knw.. what and when we will be safe AGAIN

Pinku said...

Cynic...hope all those you mentioned are safe. these are trying times for all of us. I too am sitting here sitting at my desk at work but glued on to NDTV...tears well up and then anger and frustration.

Am praying for each one of those people out there. and also for those facing them.

Bombay and the rest of India cant be broken by stupid heartless acts as these. You, me and those who feel like us will ensure it.

Thats a pledge.

Sud said...

pains to see this amazing city held hostage like this

Iya said...

this is sickening...i am numb...

sra said...

Not much we say here can help you and Mumbai feel better, Cynic. I wish we had ways to pre-empt or deal with this madness. Take care.

Aqua said...

A heart rending post.

Who are these terrorists? What do they want? I'm sick to the gut too Cynic.
Praying for Mumbai. I'm sure Mumbai wants out too.

narendra shenoy said...

Heart rending. I'm feeling very angry right now. It's time we did something.

shilpa said... it fair to do nothing just because the city is strong..and its people stronger?
Safety is a word that people in other parts of the world take for granted....Mumbaikars ( and Indians on the whole) don't enjoy that luxury..
Well thoughts are with everyone affected.

Reluctant Warrior said...

I am seething with anger. And yet I can't seem to find anything that I can do to improve the situation. Just reminds us of our insignificance. And yet, we shall continue to pay for the ineptitude of those who we chose.

If we are to be resilient, lets be resilient, lets be persistent in making this govt machinery work. No more corruption, No more letting the state get away without an answer. Start a movement and be ready to walk out of your homes in support of it.

Epiphany said...

Hope everybody you mentioned is safe...

The only thot that comes to my mind right now is to keep the collective anger we have right now seething...if we loose this and wait for the next blast then all would have gone to waste!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Veeb - i hope you are wrong. I hope one day we can come out of our house, feeling safe.

Pinku, epiphany, those particular people are, but an ex colleague was stuck in leopold on the first floor as shooting happened. fortunately he came out without being hurt. and another friends aquiantance lost his life.

reluctant warrior, naren, yes, now today i am angry as well. angry at the big fat fucking holes in the intelligence which allow 18 kilos of rdx to be imported, by the lax attitude that everyone has to security, by the sab chalta hai. sab nahin chalta hai.

sra, iya, shilpa, aqua - this time its very personal. i hope that it causes some reaction somewhere.

a million different people said...

I really really hope to God we learn from this.

I know it isn't going to be easy - walking out of home, after this.

Disturbing. I hate those disillusioned asswads.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Cyn, am glad you weren't in Mum when it happened. I asked Kraz if he knew anything about you.

And yes, its personal.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

nandini - yes, very. its too close home. its happened too often. yes am phsyically ok. was in pune. thank you for the concern.

million different people - yes. i keep on wondering how the places will look. familiar places. it wont be the same anymore.