Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Limerick Dementia

There was a blogger named Wondering Cynic
Who suffered from bloggers’ block quite chronic
She stared and stared at the machine
And yet words didn’t come out in a stream
So she took instead, to writing bad limerick’

There was a weblog award named Brilliante
For bloggers who wrote as fine as Dante
Talented Manu, Phatichar and Pinku gave it to me
Hurrah, hurrah and yippee, yippee
But I need to pass it on, for it was just lent’ee

There was a fine man named Rada
Who wrote lovely Ruskin Bondisque Saga
Of Kerala summers and rains
And of travelling by trains
Over his blog, I’m definitely gaga

There was a young man named Wreck Tangle
Who viewed life through many an angle
The bloggie love of my life
I would elope with him in a trice
In spite of his penchants for bungee dangle

And there was young Australopithecus from Hyderabad,
Who was quite delightfully, irrepressibly mad
He has recently travelled across shores
Doesn’t write regularly no more
And left his fans forlorn and sad

My latest discovery is a man called Scribbles Inc
“Wish I could write like him” I wistfully think
He takes innocuous nursery rhymes
And turns them into spine chilling crimes
Take a look at his blog, here’s the link

And there the modern day fan of Jeeves
Who writes about life’s small pet peeves
His sons are quite the old block’s chips
Always ready with a witty quips
One talented family, I firmly believe

And then there is the young lady named Mo
Who is one gifted writer that’s for sho’
Who has become a blog quitter
Ever since she has discovered twitter
Though her readers keep craving for mo’

And then there is the old favourite Saltwater Blues
Who writes sparkling introspective words true
Matched with lyrical photography
Full of sense and sensitivity
And a tongue-in-cheek wit, too

Now someone stop me immediately please
Before all my readers completely cease
For writing limericks is an art
This should not be lightly embarked
Without the supervision of the writing police.

Shoot me. I can’t seem to stop!
P.S. I had to chose seven. sigh. so many more.


Pinku said...

wonderful....and am sending across another Brillainte award just for this...

If this is out of the (writer's) block imagine what would come out once the block lifts!!

sra said...

So now I know what you were doing in the long silence! One of your recent posts just said you were happy you were blogging every day - was hoping they weren't famous last words! :) Good to see you back.

Mo said...

Thankies thankies.

Rada said...

Hello Cyn,

Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. Nice to note I am first among equals! :-)

Trinaa said...

beautifully done cynic...n u say u hv bloggers' block?? then maybe i hv it perpetually..!!

narendra shenoy said...

Ma'am, that was completely, jaw droppingly brilliant! And thanks!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Pinku - give, give. I like awards!\

sra - i wondered too. coz promptly the next week, i ended up with bloggers block to beat all bloggers blocks. still suffering.

Mo - I wrote pome for you. Now you write one for me please

rada - meant every word of it.

trina - try limericks. even if they are bad, its entertaining hehe.

naren - thankee ji. and now do the tag

Epiphany said...

WAH! Wrote this when you have a blogger's block? man! :)

Arunima said...

:-) good one though!

AmitL said...

hehe...Cyn,those were some thoughtful lyrics..:)I never knew u've such a nice flair for them.Good one!!:)

roop said...

brilliance! u actually put time into writing poetry !! when ppl just list names and leave it at that. :)) fantastic ...

somethin for u here too btw

Nandini Vishwanath said...

:) Just too good ji, this is. Now, if only Wrecktangle responded to this in his own angle.

Parul said...


This is good! Am going to check out all the blogs that you have awarded this to. And congrats!

ki said...

Fantastic. I like you. :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

epiphany - still have it. so many random thoughts in the head. so few posts. sigh

thankee arunima

amitl thats the beauty of limericks. they are easy to write

rimzie thank you child. and now i have saved link once again

nandini - i have been giving him gentle and less than gentle hints. hmmm. lettuce see what happens.

parul, ki thank you very much

Iya said...

hey..that was lovely... i have the next dope of reading now :)

EggHe/\D said...

So lots of tagging going on this post. They say apparently this helps, but I am wondering how does one appreciate poetry, I am still stuck with J Alfred Prufrock? (By TSElliot[does he have a double 't'])?