Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Of hair and there

So apparently in China there is a new trend to dissuade perverts and oglers.

Hot young things are queuing up to buy the latest fashion accessory-viz.Stockings which have hair on them.

For once I'm on the leading edge of couture. I also own a pair of stockings like that.

Only, I call it skin

P.s. trying this from phone, looking ok?


Benitto said...

Read 10 interesting things you probably don’t know about the hair

P said...

I saw that news too on FB, and someone commented that "now these girls can attract the higher level perverts." :D I saw another news recently which says that girls in some Asian country are going to dentist to make their nice teeth crooked!! That will apparently make them cute.

Post reads alright on my phone at least.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Heheh. God too much money I suppose. Or too much time. People are weird.

Bhargavi said...

ha ha .. the contraption sounds really gross , though