Monday, April 27, 2009

Doc Dee

In the town of Pune, there was a doctor called Dee
Who single-handedly caused epidemic acideitee
His cure killed more
Than the innocuous throat sore
Not to mention his torturous consultant fee

Doc Dee was overly generous with the pills
He dispensed one for all the world’s ills
Shooting that one would strike gold
And in a week or two cure the cold
While his cash dispenser happily trills

Dee was an accidental doctor, but a wannabe geek
He wanted to be known as Doc Techno Freak
He carefully examines the blue tooth
But the wan patients, bah forsooth
That's just their way to attention seek

Ok. OKAY. I will stop now.


Iya said...

ahh.. get well soon..
one thing i have realized about cold - med or no med, it takes a week to go!!!

Epiphany said...

:) too many quacks nowadays! agree with Iya though...meds really don't work...

manuscrypts said...

...pills like crocyn, anacyn, erithromycyn.. TrageDee!! :p

Shachii said...

Hey... hope you feel better soon. To disagree with some of the above commentators.. I think the right meds do go a long way in alleviating the pain.. You've got to have faith!
Take care of yourself..

Meena said...

Get well soon! You know, you should try writing Dr.Seuss-type books. You have a natural flair for verse!

Aquarius said...

Hey Cynic....Have Rum in Hot water and forget the pills. You will be back on ur feet in no tym :)

Nandini Vishwanath said...

The cold's got to your head eh? :D

Arunima said...

beware of the swine flu! :-)

AmitL said...

Heyyy...get well soon,Cyn!And,this was one hill-ar-ious rhyme!!Thanks for the grin of the day..I almost thought u'd say 'he was just like a Mak-Dee'..:)

AmitL said...

Heyyy...get well soon,Cyn!And,this was one hill-ar-ious rhyme!!Thanks for the grin of the day..I almost thought u'd say 'he was just like a Mak-Dee'..:)

g said...

You from Pune? :)

shilpa said...

hey Cyn..

needed a laugh...thanks!

Australopithecus said...

you never fail to quack me up.

Parul said...

Your prize is this tag!

Just call me 'A' said...

this is funny....:) how you're feeling...saw your tweet that the flu caught you

gomu said...

wow! how cute :D

Cynic in Wonderland said...

all - i wrote these famous words and sure enough, the meds made me fall sick. sicker then when i was before i took them. bah.

Iya - and it takes longer if you have a quack doc

epiphany - no i guess meds do - but the right ones. not one cheerful aggregation of all the meds hoping one will cure you.

manu - you and your sick pjs ( pun intended)

shachii - just coming back into the land of the living. how is G?

Meena - its the drugs talking i reckon! im much more poetic when in pain and in a haze.

aquarius - ah not a bad idea. i think i shall get hic instead of sic ( buwahahha)

nandini - sigh. yes.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

arunima - swine yus, that is what i have been calling friend dee ( amongst other things). so maybe this IS swine flu?

amit thank you for the wishes.

g - been thrust into pune. got married and shifted.

shilpa - hi, good to see you.

austro - sigh. all these sick pjs

parul - shall do. problem of plenty however. hmmmmmmmm.

a- limping back to some semblance of health
thanks gomu

Indian Homemaker said...

That's a really funny rhyme!!
Dr Dee will no time
From examining blue teeth
To read John Keats
or Dr Dee would have found
How like Keats this homage sounds :D

SSQuo said...

This Doc Techno Freak really needs a serious career switch!

Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you visit again!

Mumbai Diva said...

i see that the flu brings out the..... errr..poet in you.