Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bombay Diaries – 1:Journey

Conversations between the spouses, one in Bombay the other in Pune. Henceforth known as P and B.

Marriage Year 1:

P: “When are you coming home?”

B: “Why?”

P:” I am bored, I don’t have anyone to talk to”

B (suitably touched and all that): “Ah. OK. Soon”

Marriage Year 2:

P: “When are you coming home?”

B: “Why?”

P:” I don’t have any clean clothes and I don’t know how to operate the washing machine”

B patiently explains the functioning of the same

P: (very gleefully) “Okay great I figured it out. You know, you have become completely redundant now that I can do all of this”

QED: The journey from wife to washing machine takes exactly one year.

To be continued: The secret diary of Cynic in Wonderland Aged 13 1/4th


Veens said...


CiW... u rock :P

I will looking forward to more of these definitely :))

sra said...

Like the brevity of the post, and QED. :-D

manuscrypts said...

its similar to brands.. keep providing delight :p

narendra shenoy said...

Tis true, tis true! Only, most of us guys will never admit, even under torture, that the missus is redundant. Because she is not. Today it is the washing machine. Tomorrow it might be the microwave. Or the toaster. Or the refrigerator. (I never have a clue about what is in our fridge. There are some seventeen thousand containers which look the same and have the interesting property of keeling over when they're not supposed to.)

Your husband wins the N. Shenoy medal for valor.

Cheers. Post oftener.

P said...

hihihi good one!
And like Narendra said the wife becomes more and more vital with time :) I am not married but once I had to go to the supermarket with a married guy to shop for some departmental reception thing and he said "I can't remember which aisle is for what anymore. I haven't done groceries in a year since my wife came here" !!!!!

Iya said...

aahmm... really?? i dont think so though... maybe the trick lies in not teaching them how to use the washing machine...

Pinku said...


so the key is to get them addicted, keep them hooked and not let them know how the opium is grown. Age old tactic works even now.

Epiphany said...

P:” I am bored, I don’t have anyone to talk to” ..and P is a guy? tsk tsk tsk what has this world come to :D

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Veens - marital discordant notes you mean? you are engaged no? prep time eh?

sra - so much for all the time i write long posts. sigh.

young manu you need a brand detox . brand delight it seems. now in revenge i shall recount an anecdote. once a couple of years ago when we were all severely overworked, a young nubile (?) male colleague of mine got a kingfisher calender ( yes, the one with the sparse number of clothes). his first reaction was "have YOU SEEN the branding on this? one can barely SEE the logo". I kindly pointed out to him that there were also well endowed underdressed women in the picture which he might care to look at.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

okay naren, what will i be next year? the fridge or the toaster? hmmm. yus yus will post. was not here in pune no. was in bombay living it up ( or something)

p - aiyo now i am thinking all consumer durables, neccesities, luxuries ..bah.

iya and pinku- if he does the washing, im completely willing to be redundant.

epiphany - talk bole to not talk him talk and me listen. on his views on world economy, financial crisis and the what federer should do to beat nadal. it does NOT mean any conversation. it means me occasionally interjecting with a ah..uh huh...i see. (ok man, im becoming so much like my dad!)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

ha ha enjoyed this one.

Australopithecus said...

yes. beats walking to the laundromat and looking for coins. people think im a beggar..always asking for coins.

so do you know any eligible washing machines out there ? :P

chandni said...


truth hurts!

AmitL said...

ROFL...Cyn,is that a real dialogue between the two of you?Can't wait for the seventh year instalment,when it comes.:)

Mumbai Diva said...