Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Continued from here - ( since rediff has given up on me!)

All of last week has been chaotic – eighteen and twenty hour days and one memorable all-nighter at the agency.

This agency is located bang opposite a crematorium and if the people are to be believed, there is a spectral presence which haunts the ladies restroom.
During the night we spent there, it didn’t show its presence except for the fact that the AC in the conference room used to mysteriously be turned off every time the room was empty. The conclusion we drew therefore, was that it was an economical-minded ghost or someone with a low tolerance to cold (considering the way the damn room freezes, I am inclined to think it was the latter).

Strangely enough, my office (where I have also been working late) also has its own apparition – also in the ladies. (Apparently, the plot on which the buildings were built was an old gypsy burial ground). This lady haunts the last stall and consequently the plumbing never works (or so goes the myth).

One night I thought I would investigate – but when I went there, the place was in pitch darkness. So though I claim I don’t believe in ghosts, – I am not quite fool enough to be disproved (especially when I am the only person left in office)

Quite a curious coincidence I thought. That both the ghosts chose to favour the ladies room. So I did on online search and apparently it’s quite a common phenomenon across the globe – I saw articles of sightings in Japan, US, France.

So the question is why do lady ghosts like the ladies room?

Is it because the famed female narcissism spills over to the after life?
She-ghost: “Darling, do you think I am looking too pale and washed out today?”
He-ghost: “”

Is it because that’s where the most interesting gossip is swapped?

Is it because it provides the ideal balance of solitude and company?

Is it because they like to clean themselves?



afishcalledgoonda said...

how profound...

Australopithecus said...

i would have thought it would be male ghosts that haunt the ladies know..sneak a peek..

Patrix said...

shocking lavender background?? my eyes my eyes!!!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Bah goonda

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Hmm you are probabaly right austro!but then where should the femme ghosts haunt? men's locker rooms?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

hehe patrix it is a bit much isnt it? i was generally annoyed cause i couldnt post at my old site so went a bit overboard.

Well Heeled said...


galadriel said...

Arre Ava...moved already? Goodie. Now ur blog brighter. You've been tagged woman. Hope over to my blog to check details.