Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Indian Mother’s Love Song.

He can be thirty five,
But he is the apple of my eye
He can raise my self-worth with a casual smile
He acts all adult like
But he’s always eleven to me

I have to chase him for food
And fuss over every mood
I have to dot every “i”’s
And straighten awry ties
Yes, he has a wife, but that is no relief
He thinks he’s all grown up
But he’s always eleven to me

Oh, he says he takes care of himself
But I know that he wont
I have to remind every time
To comb hair, powder his nose
To not melt in two drops of rain,
Or leave his wallet behind

And he will get very sore
When I tell him my biddin’
Then he’ll carelessly tell you
That he has enough wisdom
But I know thats just a test
To see how patient I can be
For he thinks’ he is all grown up
But he’s always eleven to me


Oh, he says he takes care of himself
But I know that he wont
I have to remind every time
To comb hair, powder his nose
To not melt in two drops of rain,
Or leave his wallet behind

P.S Sung to "She's always a woman to me"

P.P.S.This song, was brought about after closely studying the mother-son interaction of sundry males - viz. cousins (one goes in a motorcycle for a five minute ride, and his mother starts on the prayer beads ), friends ( one friends ma used to apply his toothpaste to the toothbrush in the mornings. When he was 30. Seriously.I tried to get Ma to do that for me, she threw the toothpaste tube at me. Sigh.)

Edited to add: Changed 'wee boy' to 'eleven'. Thank you shub, it IS much better!


Meira said...

Mother thinks he’s a saint of a boy!
It’s his wife who has to always annoy!

Of cooking and feeding she has no streak!
It’s her doing that my darling son’s become so weak!

Meira said...

Sigh! My MIL would love to have her sons stay with her forever, sans wives of course !

Shachii said...

One word: Beautiful!! :)

sra said...

Ha ha! I know a wife who told me her MIL would begin reminiscing about her son, then start weeping remembering how she'd make all these sweets and he'd eat them fondly - we always found it v funny.

Even if the son is an ugly, unkempt, unwashed tramp, there are parents who insist he's Adonis - you'll rarely see girls' parents doing that! Burns me up.

And how women fuss over husbands, sons about not being able to take care of themselves - why are men considered manly if they can't even get themselves a meal? In fact, I think I'll make this my status update for the day ...

narendra shenoy said...

My mom used to shell crabs for me. Sigh! She would, still, but missus thinks it is a bit juvenile for a 44 yr old, and argues strongly against it. And wins. Women!

shub said...

*clap clap* Nicely done, Cyn.
He'll always be eleven to me, perhaps? :)

Lazy Pineapple said...

hahahah Cynic that was a wonderful poem/song. I have still not been able to figure that relation.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Meira - I have this theory of mothers. They want DIL's in the abstract but in reality. Ah yes, the cooking streak. how could i forget THAT one?

shachii :)

sra - and specially if you live in the same house. why did she weep though? if he ate em cause for celebration no?

naren - kindly request you to send me mrs shenoy's email id.

shub - thankee for suggestion. much better it is.

lazy pineapple - hehe i dont think anyone has.

Arunima said...

nice one. I was singing it loud. Couldn't get the tune in certain places.

Drenched said...

Hahaha! I can't believe that someone just sort of parodied one of my beloved songs and yet I am applauding. :D This was brilliant! I remember this one time we were going for some youth conference to Gujarat with lots of people from college and some senior guy's mum comes next to his train window on the platform and says, "Beta, window se bahar haath matt nikalna, drink water from the bottle only... last time you fell ill... keep us updated on where you are... so far you're going from home for so many days... and khana kha lena time pe!" and then she went off smiling. What I can't believe is the way guy took it - so naturally and cheerfully, as if it was the most normal thing. There's something very fishy about this whole bharatiya-ma-and-beta story.

popsie said...

Splendid work! :-)

shub said...

Duude, since some said parody up there, I'm all tempted to turn this into a rocking music video ala 'I am a Malayalee"
That is the worst earworm, EVER.

sra said...

Nostalgia, Cyn, nostalgia!

Epiphany said...

I thought this was in continuation to the baby blues post :)

Pinku said...

awesome...glad I didnt miss this.... :)

Meena said...

Brilliant! As usual:) The bharatiya ma-beta saga is something that always gets my goat!!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

arunima - creative liberties :D

drenched - its one of my fave songs too. in fact it was the ONLY song someone has dedicated to me *blush*. but it was the only one that worked!think for mas the sons NEVER grow up.

popsie :)

shub - i REFUSE to listen to it then. hudh hai. whats with mo and you infecting earworms on me eh?

sra - ah yes. noosetalgia!

epiphany - ah no. but its interesting how only TWO men have commented on this post buwahahha.

pinku :)

Meena - as you can see from the other comments, it annoys QUITE a number of people i think

Epiphany said...

Well I did coz am happy (as opposed to married) ;)

I am said...

it drew a crystal clear picture of my brother and my mom!!
great work!